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I have noticed an increasing number of threads asking about second round offers and queries regarding accepting the first round ones etc, so i'm putting this thread's title in capitals etc. to make it absolutely clear.

Deferring / gap year

Firstly, if you intend on taking a gap year, you can defer your course for a period of time (e.g. a year). You must formally defer using the process outlined in your uni offer email. You cannot just do nothing otherwise you'll lose the offer entirely. By deferring, you hold your place in your course (also understanding that things like accreditation and course structure could change.. but your place won't).

Change of preference / second+ round offers (waiting for a miracle!)

Secondly, If you are somebody who is waiting on a round two, three, four etc. offer.... whatever you do, do not let your offer lapse or reject it until you have accepted and enrolled (in full) in a course that you want. Obviously if you don't want to go to uni at all (due to change of mind), consult with a careers professional and family/friends before making the decision and then you can decline/let it lapse. Don't decline without speaking to somebody about options first!

If you accept your round 1 offer (even if you don't really want it and are hoping that a round 2 offer is made to you), you can withdraw as long as it's done before the cut off date (usually known as a census date), without penalty. In other threads I have discussed limited places etc so the idea of 'sooner rather than later' is for respect/courtesy of others waiting to get into their dream course. Keeping your options open is fair enough, but what isn't fair is your reservation of a course you don't want after accepting another.

Risks - turning down an offer or letting it lapse

Most offers are made during round 1 and rounds after that significantly reduce your chance of getting something else. By not accepting your first round offer, you are taking a massive risk. Please don't let your ego get the better of you and think you'll get a offer in the second round. Nobody can guarantee this and not all universities participate in the second+ rounds. Note that once an offer lapses or you decline it, you lose that spot entirely and will need to go through the preference/VTAC process again for enrolment consideration.

For courses that are 'CSP' (commonwealth supported place - which essentially means its covered by HECS-HELP and subsidised), there are only a limited number of places offered per course. These may or may not be all taken already. It's very important not to ride with the idea that you'll get in during later rounds due to meeting prereqs and ATAR requirements. There's no guarantee the uni is even going to participate in round 2 or further down.

If you don't end up getting an offer in the second+ round and you haven't accepted the offer you received in round 1, you are then left with nothing. This is too important not to take seriously. You have worked so bloody hard to get your ATAR & scores.

My advice to you re: first round offers

1) Accept and enrol in your first round offer, regardless of if you change your preferences and participate in round 2,3,4 etc.
2) Once you have confirmed your second round offer (should you get it), then you can formally withdraw from your first round offer course.
3) Always have a backup plan and never assume you are guaranteed to get into a course. Especially if it's a CSP place you've applied for.

P.S - This thread is also for me to simply copy and paste as i've said the same thing a number of times... lol  ;D

Any questions, feel free to post here or via VTAC Discussion and somebody will assist you. This advice is for uni courses in general.. so if you have a discipline/course/uni specific query, it's best directed to the right board or a separate thread with context attached so somebody who knows the course well can give you some insights!

Cheers all and congrats/good luck!

Note: Individual universities set their own dates and timelines for enrolment/withdrawal/etc. Please consult these dates to be best informed. Obviously this is my advice and you are free to do whatever you want, but please consult somebody before making decisions that may impact your academic future!

Thank you for the helpful warning! :)
A question: In the process of accepting the first round offer, should you apply for Hecs-help? Like, it's fine if you do, right?

Aaron, I think I might temporarily sticky this thread. Hope you don't mind. :) 

--- Quote from: winkyinky146 on January 19, 2019, 06:26:34 pm ---Thank you for the helpful warning! :)
A question: In the process of accepting the first round offer, should you apply for Hecs-help? Like, it's fine if you do, right?

--- End quote ---
If you don't want to pay your fees outright (i.e. by a few weeks into semester), yes definitely. (This should be the majority of people and pretty much all CSP students.) 


--- Quote from: AngelWings ---Aaron, I think I might temporarily sticky this thread. Hope you don't mind. :) 
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Not at all. :)


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