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September 19, 2020, 12:40:40 am


Should Poet and Lex get septum piercings together? 😜

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Author Topic: w0lfqu33ns problematic journal!  (Read 17931 times)

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Re: w0lfqu33ns problematic journal!
« Reply #150 on: August 12, 2020, 06:54:06 pm »
Thanks Bri!
Love your comments, thank you so much for the support!

Hey y'all! How are you doing! I love reading my past entries before tackling another one. Wow literally everything since march this year is all one big blur to me. I hate this COVID, and I am so angry at people not obeying rules. there are finally enough PPE supplies for everyone atm which is awesome (sorry I'm a health nerd like that hehe).

Back at home. For some reason my work habits are better since at home. Tomorrow I have no internet because my provider is making adjustments so my teachers are aware and I get a day to smash out some homework, but also planning on doing a bit of wellbeing cooking and taking my dog on a long walk. It seems to be the highlight of my day now, walking my dog. Bit sad but it gives me something to do. I started walking her last week and she already does really well on the leash and even gets excited for walks now. Im trying to teach her the word "walk" but we are still working on it haha. I went on a walk yesterday and worked up the courage to call my nan. I got a bit of 3rd degree but she was okay. Still stuck on this idea that I need to come and stay with her, but lucky I had COVID to blame for now. Well I've got another 4 weeks to think of an excuse after lockdown (although i'm not convinced it won't be extended tbh). Friends have been distant i've actually been getting close to people I wouldn't expect. Atm I am communicating with a few year 10's. One moved from my school, one quit and is now working part-time. We video call often together and talk a lot. Im proud of myself for reaching out to other years. On ATAR its easy but at my school I just get anxious, idk. One of my other friends who has started hanging around my friend group ive gotten closer with as well. Although he is most social past 10pm so my sleeping schedule hasn't been the best. But yeah we have long deep chats and its honestly amazing its been so long since i've had really deep life/goal/opinion talks and its great. Thinking of maybe taking him out after quarantine. He had a pretty shit past experience with some friends at school so he has been spending the last 6 months by himself around school. Ive had a few chats with him over the years and yeah. He's started hanging with us which is good for him. Glad he is getting out there again and gaining some confidence and I wanna take him out to see how he's going and make sure he has some fun. Not sure what yet maybe bowling or movies? not sure (if y'all have any ideas help a girl out haha).

But yeah, I got bored on the weekend and dyed my hair red again! my hair is actually still really healthy which is good, last time my friend dyed it it was quite dry for a while but this one is awesome!

Also shout out to why's and Owlbird! Worked up the confidence to get these legends on text message or socials. I strongly suggest trying mug cakes to get you through quarantine! Owlbird and I have been keeping mug cake updates! I suggest trying coconut with them or even a bit of Nutella! (p.s tonight im trying white choc chips hon! ill tell ya how it goes!) hahaha.

Thats all I got for now haha.

Lex out! :)


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Re: w0lfqu33ns problematic journal!
« Reply #151 on: August 12, 2020, 07:15:05 pm »
Nice, you dyed your hair red again! Also, it's great you're work habits are better and you're prioritising your wellbeing. Catching up with friends and making new friends is great and really helps - I often think the term 'social distancing' is a bit misleading. We should be physically distancing, but still keeping in touch socially! I don't know between bowling and movies (honestly, it's what you guys enjoy most!) but I think it'll be a while till you can do that because of the restrictions. :'(

One time I tried to make a mug cake and it didn't turn out well at all, despite them being really easy to make. It was way too sweet and I couldn't finish it, but you've inspired me to try again! A Nutella mug cake sounds delicious.

Have a great night!


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Re: w0lfqu33ns problematic journal!
« Reply #152 on: August 13, 2020, 11:27:28 am »
Hey Lex! Just finished reading your journal and honestly your growth as a person is so inspiring. It's amazing that you're helping other people gain their confidence, and your compassion for others (and your dog) is actually really special. You're an amazing person, and I look forward to more journal updates  ;D
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Re: w0lfqu33ns problematic journal!
« Reply #153 on: August 31, 2020, 05:29:57 pm »
Hey guys,
had a bit of a tough day and wanted to rant it all out here before diving into all the homework I have.

Since last update my mental health hasn't been the best. Been sleeping through a lot of classes and lacking the motivation to do anything. I fell so behind last week it was shocking for me. Ive had homework for every subject the last few weekends and that is not me at all. Im pissed at most of my friends from school as they are hardly talking to me at all. I am always the one to start the conversation and since being more sad and unmotivated I just gave up. Besides a few of my outside friends only a few have said anything to me. Ive tried reaching out to a few friends and tell them I'm struggling but they seemingly just try to make me feel bad for not doing school work and tell me i'm gonna fail. I did have one friend call me this weekend to ask me what I wanted for my birthday. She tried to make it discreet but I knew why she was asking so many questions. I don't like getting gifts because I feel selfish. But we ended up calling all afternoon and it was good to talk to someone. We played Guild Wars 2 together. It was the first time I had played the game and it was actually quite good.

Today I was really anxious and on edge, i'm not sure why I think just stress. I worked my butt off Saturday and got up to date In psych, French and math. Its just English literature and bio I am struggling with atm. I have my last bio SAC next monday on DNA manipulation and feel so unprepared. English we are doing comparative essays, I have my practice sac tomorrow and then my literature sac on passage analysis this week and then my creative piece next week. feeling super out of place as these are normally my 3 best subjects yet I have no idea what is going on in any class.

I really miss people and getting out. like so so much. I am so tired of hanging in my room all day. Ive tried doing board game nights with my family but they always say no and do their own thing so im feeling real alone in this time. Idk
Needed a breather and to get it off my chest and this is my safe place <3

Love you Guys - lex