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January 21, 2021, 06:26:02 pm

Author Topic: The ephemerality of VCE  (Read 5224 times)

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Re: The ephemerality of VCE
« Reply #45 on: June 25, 2019, 08:59:36 pm »
Tuesday 25th June - The one where there were two precious dogs

This title is slightly misleading, as the dogs were not from today. But from last week and yesterday. Also because itís silly to write Ďprecious dogsí since its a known fact every single dog is so damn precious. So why not we dive into the usual mundane, incredibly shitty stuff and end on a positively radiant note with the dogs? Sounds good to me.

This was less about chem, but more about a fantastic conversation with someone I have spoken to on and off. It flowed so easily it was crazy, and I focused well throughout the lesson, and made a time with my teacher to go over the worksheet from last week and also my sac. I think it is extremely important to individually go over the sacs with your teacher. It really brings awareness to what you need to work on, and how to structure responses correctly.

So after lit, I waited to talk to her about an extension for my sac. I have made a very interesting observation wherein she evidently has favourites. Remember last week how she sounded so irritated I wanted to take up her recess (*gasp*), well, before me, someone, a very intelligent someone in fact went to talk to her, and did she rush to go? Sound exasperated in the slightest, that not 5, 10 but 15 minutes of her precious time was being taken up? Cut her off with ďletís make a time that isnít nowĒ, and huff in annoyance when asked, if she was free now? I am sure you know all the answers to these rhetorical questions. And the absolute second I went to talk to her, she practically walked in my face, just so ready to go, and then I really did lose it when she said she Ďhadí to talk to those shit assholes, (but did not show it, for I have mastered the facade), like why the fuck do they get a say in something that doesnít even relate to them? It made me so fucking angry, because I hate them so much. Anyway, she never emailed me or said anything about it. Honestly, she is making it so hard for me to keep trying in lit.

It was the sac. I felt so underprepared, but the thing that really gets me is that no practice sacs are given, yes none at all, and also that itís so vague  end up filling my paper with tiny handwriting and vivid colours of everything on the study design, and what happens time and time again, is all that effort is wasted when I only use a certain amount of my notes. Like last time, I wrote extensive notes on topics, and something else just popped up which I had no recollection or knowledge about, nor any notes on it. Also I was quite annoyed with my teacher who was just not specific (Iím finding they are always so vague), and I wasted days doing extensive research on leaders, thinking (according to the sac info sheet), it was to be printed and given to her, and I email her, and she says: ďYou only need a few points on your sheet per leaderĒ. She made it look like it was a Part A and B to the sac, when, there wasnít. But I tell myself itís still good to know about all the important leaders, but I was wasting time putting it all into my own words, and doing unnecessary research which could have been left till the holidays. Oh well. Whatís done is done. Initially I thought I was going well, and I ended up with less than 20 minutes for the last question, which was not ideal. I was cramming information and just trying to get it all done. As usual, I had no time at all to check. I probably failed. Last time I felt my score was far too generous for how badly I thought I had done. We shall see.

Then I spent the remainder of lunch working on Maths as usual.

The teacher announces it will be self study, and inside, I was so annoyed. It is such an utter waste of my time to come to school only to be left to do my own thing in every class, when I could do that perfectly well at home instead. And not be in a shit environment with absolutely shit people. Regardless, I jammed in my headphones to block out the fools who donít shut up, and continued doing maths.

And again, an inward groan, as for one of the first times, it is also self study. Anyway I did my best to, but I was exhausted by then. On that note, something that truly gets on my nerves is when so many people insensitively complain about feeling like that, since I can tell you firsthand, you donít know exhaustion until you have lived my life. A multitude of factors have combined that result in me feeling incredibly exhausted every single day, so no, itís not Ďtiredí as you know it.

And now for the doggies! So last week my teacher brought her baby dog and obviously, I could not focus on anything but what a little darling he was. Also, he did keep coming to me, and I was elated to keep petting that bundle of cuteness. And yesterday, as I got out of the car at tuition, I saw an absolutely gorgeous dog, and my heart leapt with pure joy, it was what looked like an Alaskan malamute x German Shepherd = An incredibly fluffy german shepherd, and he bounded on me, licking me, and as I walked into class,  felt like I was floating. It truly is remarkable, when I look back now, how much difference a dog can make to my day, my life. I honestly canít believe that such angels exist, because we donít deserve them, but they deserve everything.

Now Iím going to watch the Voice along with a chocolate coconut slice. See you all tomorrow.

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Re: The ephemerality of VCE
« Reply #46 on: June 25, 2019, 09:05:36 pm »
It must suck feeling like you're not getting the support you need in lit. :-\ Hate it when teachers have favourites.  >:( Keep persevering! Also watching the Voice tonight. My favourite contestants were eliminated but I'm still watching and hoping Zeke will win.

Also, absolutely love the poem!

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Re: The ephemerality of VCE
« Reply #47 on: September 27, 2019, 08:07:33 pm »
Hey mango8,
How's Yr 12 been going?
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