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June 26, 2019, 12:48:15 pm

Author Topic: How and where should I advertise myself as a tutor? Any website/company recs?  (Read 555 times)  Share 

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Hi everyone - I've decided to become a tutor next year and I'm seeking advice for the questions posed in the title. With so many websites and companies out there, I'm finding it hard to identify let alone navigate through the dodgy and reputable, so any recommendations would be much appreciated (sharing your personal experiences would be even better :))

Some extra info that may aid in tailoring your advice:
- I'm open to tutoring both years 7-10 and VCE
- I'll be a first year uni student in 2019 (studying a degree with a high amount of contact hours which will hinder my availability)
- I've had previous experience tutoring but only as a volunteer with primary school students, so I have no idea what an ideal charging price would be

Thanks for your help in advance and I hope other prospective tutors will benefit from this thread as well  ;D

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so I started tutoring at $25 an hour which my coursemates informed me was too low & that I should be charging more. Partway through I swapped to $30 an hour for new students. It's worth considering that students from different places might consider it normal to pay $x amount depending on the demographics of their area/school. Some tuition websites set a minimum rate,  so that's  something to be aware of if you choose to go through them

In terms of advertising,  some people go to high traffic VCE groups, some add "offering tutoring" to their signature on atarnotes and/or make a post in the appropriate section of the forums, some use tutoring websites, some make LinkedIn accounts (very unlikely to have parents contact through this but some tuition companies look for employees through there)...
I personally just adjusted my signature and would message people on Facebook when they made a "looking for ____ tutor" post.
You also might be able to find things on your uni's "jobs for students" sections. 

When accepting jobs,  keep in mind the amount of travel you'll be undertaking to reach them & how much time this'll cost you. 

Hope this helps! :)
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Just wanted to bump this and ask if anyone has more recommendations for tutoring companies I can work at? I'm happy to accept PMs as well if you don't want to run the risk of sounding sponsored haha


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I found high school tutors Australia a good site because you can advertise yourself, get students and work as a freelance, private tutor without some company trying to tie you down to their own rules and taking cuts of your money. Avoid Learnmate, they asked me personally to join and I did, only to incur a $20 fee to access the service, which I stupidly paid for, and then found out that their system doesn't work for me. Basically I try and avoid companies because they force you to complete a set amount of hours and will most likely take commission, but If you want that more solid and safe lifestyle go ahead.
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