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September 27, 2020, 07:09:22 pm

Author Topic: Poetís (Slightly Hypocritical) Guide to Healthy Eating and Stress-Munchies  (Read 3117 times)

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*Guess Indigo stays in the Community Lounge. Thanks, Nick ;)

Welcome to a Pretty Short, Sweet, Neat and Comprehensive Guide, If I do Say So Myself.
Apologies beforehand, I've had this about 70% finished and I kind of forgot about it since April... anyway, we're here now! So, I hope y'all take some of this on board. :)

We all know whatís good for us when it comes down to eating. Year 8 food pyramids in Health class can attest to that. Eat your fruit and veg. Drink 8 cups of water a day. Get the right amount of carbs. Donít eat the entire packet of lolly snakes even though the serving suggestion picture looks like youíre meant to. Weíre hit with so many opinions and rules as to whatís right for us, and sometimes we just end up ignoring them. Especially in those times of maximum stress. The thing is, when youíre stressed, eating unhealthily is one of the worst things you can do. I do it myself. Do your best to keep yourself on track Ė sleep well, drink enough water, give yourself study breaks, and use your self-discipline. The more you do it, the easier it will get. So, when exam times loom, you can be a happier and healthier person.

Donít let the stress monkey give you stress munchies (or lack of appetite)! Instead, do your best to eat healthily in those times. Hereís a few suggestions for (some) cheap, quick and easy munchy-mashers:

1. Fruit.
the health rainbow
Yeah, fruit. You guys are probably rolling your eyes, but itís true! Sometimes the best are the basics. Fruit holds essential sugars, such as fructose, and vitamins like A, B, C and D. Popping into the fruit aisle instead of the lolly aisle is a much better option for your concentration, happiness and fatigue levels. And, if you compare the prices of many fruits with that of lollies per 100 grams, you might just find that fruits like apples, mandarins, oranges, bananas, kiwi fruits, pears and even the occasional cheeky strawberry punnet are cheaper and healthier. Even though the taste of candy is nice, it doesnít leave you feeling satisfied like fruits do.

2. Vegetables.
eat yo veg
Again, go with the basics. The closer to nature, the better for you. Why not get your head out of the chip packet and try some carrots, or celery sticks? Spinach, snow peas, tomatoes, potatoes, and even Woolworthsí Odd Bunch avocados (if youíre keen for the smashed avo tips, these are the best) are again cheaper in weight ratio to the candies. Remember that these food options are a choice youíre giving yourself Ė even if stuffing yourself with junk is somewhat calming, will the subsequent crash and fatigue be worth it? Would you rather stay alert and able to do your work, or inadvertently continue the cycle of stress and depression due to your eating and sleeping choices? Everything is a fragile balance Ė check yoself before you rek yoself.

3. Meat and Proteins.
I bet cavemen were happy dudes
Hey, to all you vegetarians out there: chickpeas and beans. They are Godís heavenly protein pods. Eat them. I bet the angels like beans. Also nuts. Angels may not enjoy milk and eggs as much, but seriously, eat more chickpeas.

And to all you carnivores/people who donít mind meat, eat it. Red meat like veal or lamb especially. This may not be the cheapest option but the outcome is a lot better than trying to survive off of chicken-flavored 2-minute noodles for a month (no really, personal experience talking here). We need protein for the mending of muscles and the upkeep of our cells. Without protein, our brains and bodies are exhausted and it can be extremely difficult to work. Meat also holds an abundance of iron, and without that we canít function. Iron deficiency is a serious blood illness, and unfortunately a prevalent one, especially in women. Eating meat will keep you alert and your concentration levels up.

4. Breads and Grains.
yum, bred
Before you argue, no, carbs are not all bad. In fact, quite a lot of us need them in our diet. They are our staple. Rice, bread, grains, they all contain fructose and fibre to fuel our brain, liver, kidneys, heart and muscles. This will help you feel satisfied and full after youíve eaten, and will help with a stress-eating problem. Stay alert with enough carbs (but not too many). Next time youíre at the shops, why not grab some wholegrain bread and try it out? Itís real good with some hummus. :-)

5. The occasional treat <3

yay candy <3
Donít fret! Itís not like youíll never be able to see your dear friend Minty ever again, but just make sure youíre not eating it in excess, or too often. Candies are treats, and should be used as a reward, but not to the point where the almost imperceptible sugar rush is a craving you search for in times of anxiety.

Self-discipline throughout both schooling and the rest of life is key, and it can start by eating healthy. Get into the habit. But be nice to yourself. Working towards a better diet isnít as easy as it seems Ė if youíre into a habit of getting a quick Maccas run instead of spending the time to look after yourself, that can still be done Ė but try and use the Maccas run as a reward. Soon enough, you might not even want to eat junk anymore. Love yourself the best you can Ė push yourself to be disciplined in everything you do.

And, no matter what, stay cool. Be yourself. Love your body. And smash those exams.

All the best, lovely AN family!
Comment below if you have any other tips - this was an extremely wide, quick overview. I'll see if I can add recipes or meal ideas below over time as well, but feel free to leave extra tips!
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A Little Guide to Healthy Eating


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So... Where do Tina Wafers and Nutella fit in here?

Nice Job!
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Nice work! :)


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Such an awesome, informative post, Poet! Love seeing someone who is just as passionate about healthy eating as I am.  :)

Glad that you mentioned water too! Cannot stress enough how is super duper important staying hydrated is! There's nothing worst then getting a massive headache when trying to study because you haven't had enough water...Sometimes we can confuse a feeling of hunger for thirst...
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