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October 16, 2019, 09:51:09 pm

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« on: April 23, 2018, 12:35:42 am »

I would like to know if any of you could help me to answer these 2 questions:
1. Discuss the extent to which sentence indications and plea negotiations enable greater access to the criminal justice system for an accused.
It worth 8 marks.

2. Identify and explain two ways in which the criminal justice system seeks to uphold the principle of fairness.
It worth 4 marks

Thanks !


Hi everyone,

I am struggling with the following questions in relation to a case study. Does any of you could help me? Even for one question, it will be GREAT !

This is the case study:
" June, 30, is a recently arrived migrant from Vietnam.She has limited English communication skills and lives in Mildura. June has been the subject of violent beatings from her ex- husband, from whom she separated 3 months ago. They have no children. One night, June’s ex- husband arrived at her house drunk. He pushed his way into the house and started beating her. After he finished he sat down on her couch and turned on the TV. June managed to get up, walked to the coffee table where there was a large ornament she had bought on a recent trip to Daylesford, and hit her ex- husband over the head. He fell and was unconscious. June called the police. She has been arrested for attempted murder after her ex- husband survived. He has suffered significant brain injuries as a result.
June does not have a lawyer, and has been relying on people around her to tell her what her options are. One of her friends told her that there is a new Koori Court that has opened up in Mildura which will enable June to be sentenced there. Another friend told her that she’s sure that June will have to give evidence via closed- circuit television because she’s a victim. Another friend has told her that she’s heard that June can access legal aid and it’s pretty easy to get a lawyer."

and this is the questions:
1 An explanation to June about who the main parties in the trial are, including who she will be known as.
(3 marks)

2 Whether or not each of June’s friends is right in their suggestions, and the reason for your answer.
(6 marks)

3 The two difficulties that June will most likely face during her trial, the reason why you say these are most likely, and how they will impact on the achievement of justice.
(8 marks)

4 Two aspects of the criminal justice system that may address those two difficulties, and the reasons why you say that is so.
(4 marks)

5 The extent to which one recent reform or recommended reform to the criminal justice system may assist in achieving justice in June’s trial.
(4 marks)

Thank you in advance.


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