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January 20, 2020, 05:15:15 pm

Author Topic: A long story about my LAT experience (and the days leading up to it)  (Read 1227 times)  Share 

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So yeah, I know the LAT was ages ago but I never actually told anyone about how it went for me. This is going to be a long story about the wild goose chase that I had, trying to get a valid ID just weeks before the exam date. Note that this story has nothing to do with how to prepare for the LAT, or what the questions were in the LAT

I was enrolled to sit the LAT, which for those who don't know is the exam that students must sit if they wish to study Law at UNSW. So I paid the absurd fee and was getting myself prepared before I realised that I don't have a form of ID. My passport recently expired and I didn't even realise until I checked.. I thought I was set for proof of ID. I still had about a month until the exam so I wasn't too worried; I got a passport photo taken at a shopping centre, got the photos verified and filed for a new passport. Turns out, that the guy who took my photo had no clue how to take a passport photo as my head was too close and he was using some sort of setting that made the photo come out saturated. With that, the post office said they couldn't accept the photo; If they did accept it, their post office would be given an 'asterisk', which means the staff would be investigated for misconduct. Although we could have just taken a new photo at the office, we still needed it to be verified by a non-relative who has known me for a year - and that person wasn't available until next week.

So my dad and I set off chasing the alternative forms of ID; A drivers license or a Keypass. I gave myself the night to book a learners test and cram content. When I sat the test the next day, I found it to be identical to the online practice test. The only trouble was the final question, which was of some kangaroo sign that I had never seen before. Through process of elimination, and a bit of luck, I was able to pass. Relieved and happy that I could now sit the LAT, I patiently waited for them to sort through my new ID. What I didn't realise though, was the new system that they now have in place. Basically, licenses used to be made on the spot as soon as you pass the test. However, in order to become more 'efficient', they now give you a piece of paper that serves as a temporary license while the actual photo ID is shipped to your address. Fuming, I set off for my last hope, being the Keypass.

So just to give some insight as to what the heck a Keypass is, it's supposed to be a form of ID for people who don't have a drivers license. Mind you it expires once you turn 18, so this LAT exam was the only time I would ever be using it. That said, it still cost me $80 to get one from my Post Office with Express Shipping. As I was having my application processed, I had all the necessary documents but I knew that I had to show them proof of address, as it said I do on the website. Even though I kept insisting, the worker, for whatever reason, refused to take it as she said that it isn't necessary. Well good on her, because a week later I received a letter from Australia Post. Rather than getting the ID, it was a note saying something along the lines of:

"We have reviewed your application. Since you didn't provide proof of address, your application for a Keypass has been rejected. Please visit the same post office to provide the necessary documents."

You wouldn't believe the death stare I gave her as I gave the documents.

So now, we're just days before the LAT exam and I still don't have any ID. Just for some info, we actually get e-mailed a ticket, which says the location, date and time of our exam. However, you can't access the ticket until you enter in your ID. Since I never entered it in, I just assumed my ticket would be the same as my friend's, who was sitting his exam in the afternoon.

The morning of the LAT exam, I did a final check of the mailbox and finally saw that my driver's license had arrived. So extremely surprised, I hopped onto the computer so that I could print out my ticket. Then, I almost cried when I saw that I got placed into the morning exam at 9am. Now it was already 8:50 so I didn't know what the heck to do. I tried calling UNSW but the guy on the other end refused to shift me into the afternoon session. Now I am so determined to study law at UNSW, and I wasn't going to give up my dream there. I went into the afternoon session anyway and talked to one of the staff members. I explained the situation and they said they'd discuss it with the supervisors. So it was just a matter of waiting, but a couple minutes later they decided that they wouldn't allow me to sit the LAT.

So there I was, walking back to the light rail on the verge of tears. I had always dreamed of studying law and it's devastating to think that goal's been crushed because I was by chance, placed into the morning session, coupled with a bunch of mistakes in getting ID. That same day, my best friend met up with me in the city. We shopped my sorrows away and had Hungry Jacks in George Street - which is kind of a ritual for us now. Two months later, my Keypass ID finally arrived... Express shipping my ass

Looking back at it, I'm not too bummed out about it. I know that there are many alternatives to get into your course. For me, I'm taking a Commerce degree and hoping that I can pair it with Law after my first year. Admittedly, it is a bit disappointing though. I understand that I don't know how I would have scored in the LAT, but just the fact that I missed the opportunity is kind of depressing. When I saw my ATAR, one of the first things I thought was

"Wow.. I probably could have gotten into UNSW Law"

So there it is, my problematic journey trying to get a valid ID. I guess it has taught me a life lesson - to prepare for things earlier. But then again, I'm lowkey pissed at how so many organisations and people managed to screw me over in one month  :-[

PS: I get that this isn't really UNSW related, but I couldn't see where else this should go. Feel free to move it if you find a better location for it.

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