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June 07, 2020, 02:18:36 am

Author Topic: PhoenixxFire's VCE journey  (Read 16575 times)

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Re: PhoenixxFire's VCE journey
« Reply #120 on: December 19, 2018, 04:45:52 pm »
I kinda feel bad for some people at my school - people who tried way, way harder than me, and yet I somehow got higher scores than them. It sucks.
This is relatable and yeah, it really sucks. I sat next to my friend all year in chemistry. She worked at least 10 times harder than me, and we helped each other out all the time. In the end we got the same score for chemistry. As cool as that was (lol), I kind of felt that she should have gotten higher than me.
Don't worry though - in the end, it's just a number. I only hope that my friends got scores high enough for them to get into the course they want. Even if we feel a little guilty, let's be happy for their achievement and hope for the best for them :)
Also, I've written disappointed enough lately that I finally know how to spell it, and that sucks.
I had a laugh at that (sorry!) lol

Congratulations on your fantastic scores! I can feel and understand your disappointment, but you've honestly achieved so much and should be proud. I hope once all the hype is over and you're fully contented in the course or place of your dreams, you can see that and pat yourself on the back. :)

Looking forward to your next post! :)
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Re: PhoenixxFire's VCE journey
« Reply #121 on: January 01, 2019, 05:36:30 pm »
So, this is going to be the last update here, I don't really know what to write, but I'm sure I'll figure it out as I go :)

One last school related thing - I got the subject awards for both Enviro and for outdoor Ed. Was expecting Enviro, but getting Outdoor Ed sucks. I know that someone last year got 37 and they repeated the subject this year - they didn't repeat it just to get a higher score (they did it for the camps lol), but presumably they still wanted a higher score. So yeah, that really sucks :(

But enough about school - I've barely even thought about school over the last couple of weeks, been much too busy working and trying to figure out this uni and adulting thing.

I haven't really been able to do anything for uni because they haven't sent me the email with the password (apparently they know that some people didn't get it) but I can't call them to get it all sorted out until Jan 2. Accommodation is also a bit annoying because I haven't gotten an accommodation offer yet (they're being sent out throughout January). Problem being that I'm doing the chem bridging course which starts Feb 6 and I don't think I'll be able to move into the accommodation until after that, which means organising temporary accommodation, but I can't really do that until I know when I can move in there...you see the problem haha.

Also got to figure out what to do for work - can probably just transfer to another store, but I don't know how to do that, and tbh I don't really know if I want to. I probably will though, for now at least. I have nothing against working at woolies, it's a decent job and I like the people I work with etc. But it's also kinda boring (don't know what I'd do instead though). Have got to talk to my manager and get everything organised and stuff soon, he knows I'm leaving but he doesn't know exactly when. We don't work at the same time much though which makes it hard, I'll probably just end up texting him or something lol.

Despite all of that though, I'm actually really excited. Being at home so much has just reminded me why I'm so eager to move out. Also uni in general will (hopefully) be more fun than high school. Going to miss all my pets though :'( I'm going to have to figure out where the nearest dog park is and go hang out there lol. Or volunteer at an animal shelter or something.

Speaking of pets - my family got me a mug with a photo of my dogs on it, and a calendar with photos of my pets on each month 😍😍😍 and my brother got me a frypan - which is a bit of a joke because my mum wants to throw out the old frypan I'd been using, but damn I hadn't realised how bad the old one was until I started using the new one hahaha

I finally went and got my ID verified so I can claim youth allowance and got my own medicare card and all that fun stuff. Iíve got to buy a new computer Ė I donít know which one to get (why are there so many??). But I guess Iíll try and figure that out tonight, and then tomorrow I can sort out all the paperwork for centrelink, and call uni and hopefully get that sorted so I can actually enrol and all that fun stuff.

Iíve got 4 days off work in a row soon, so Iím probably going to go down to Tasmania for a bit. Will probably camp in Wellington Park simply because thereís a public bus that goes there lol. Just need to get out of here and away from people for a bit and actually have a break :) (Just gotta hope it doesnít rain too much and my roster doesnít change before then).
I did promise you all something positive, so accept these photos of pretty birdos. I actually took my littlest (heís not actually that little but whatever) brother with me to take those. He got a camera for Christmas, so of course it had to be tested Ė my photos are better than his ;). Was fun spending time with him though, it feels like Iíve barely seen my family most of the year.

Thanks for all of your support over the year y'all <3

Also, I've written disappointed enough lately that I finally know how to spell it, and that sucks.
I had a laugh at that (sorry!) lol
Oh I laughed at it too when I realised that I could finally spell it!
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