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December 10, 2019, 10:11:14 am

Author Topic: 🎉 ATAR Notes Honour Board - Hall of Fame, MVPs and Members of the Month 🎉  (Read 17719 times)

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spectroscopy is our newest and 27th inductee into the ATAR Notes Hall of Fame. 🙌

Joining ATAR Notes more than seven years ago, spectroscopy has been a mainstay of the forums for many years, and a very positive influence on the community. Active on the forums since the day they joined, Spec has since posted almost 2,000 times, and has been a State Moderator, a National Moderator, and, now, an Honorary Moderator.

Spec has posted mostly across the university, general VCE, and general discussion boards, with more than 300 posts in the University of Melbourne and Victorian Education Discussion boards alone. Check out some of Spec's thread highlights below:

> How to choose a commerce major!
> How I went from a 40% student, to a 40 raw student in 6 months
> I did bad in one sac, are my chances for a 50 ruined?!

As a poster who has used ATAR Notes both during and after high school, Spec has really come full circle. Their work as both a moderator and a community leader has been incredibly valued - much of which has been behind the scenes and invisible to most users. spectroscopy has now transitioned into an Honorary Moderator role, and we're looking forward to future contributions. 👍

Please join me in congratulating our latest inductee into the ATAR Notes Hall of Fame, spectroscopy.