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July 10, 2020, 04:05:31 pm

Author Topic: VCE Journey Journal - How Does This Forum Work?  (Read 7177 times)

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VCE Journey Journal - How Does This Forum Work?
« on: August 22, 2017, 03:25:27 pm »

Welcome to the VCE Journey Journal board! :D

The purpose of this forum is to record your thoughts throughout your high school life. Whether you're currently at the start of Year 7 or nearing the end of Year 12, you are more than welcome (and encouraged!) to join in.

Existing Journey Journals
1. Communal VCE Journey Journal (feel free to participate!)
2. Accountingpro's Journey
3. Addict With A VCE Journal
4. An Exhilarating VCE Journey of Selby (You dont know me)
5. A TART Journal
6. Bell's Journal
7. Bianca3016's VCE Journal
8. Calebark -- is his bark bigger than his bite? A NYT bestseller
9. cdiamond's VCE Journal
10. chooby's VCE Journal
11. Clarke's VCE Journal
12. courtney2502's VCE Journal
13. Forbidden's VCE Journal
14. Gem Gem's VCE Journal ;D
15. Help With VCE Subjects!
16. insightful is the mother of wisdom- insightfullyme's VCE JJ
17. Jigsaw's VCE Journey
18. Joel's VCE journal
19. Journal della lasagna
20. Maya's Vce Journal
21. My Journal
22. Lear's VCE Journal
23. PhoenixxFire's VCE journey
24. Ramy63's VCE Journey Journal
25. Rani_b's VCE journey
26. Recommendations for year 10?
27. samonmars' VCE/School journey
28. Sarangiya's 사랑하는 VCE Journal
29. TheAspiringDoc's Year 12 Journey Journal
30. TheSapaInca's VCE Journey
31. The VCE journey of a hums student
32. The VCE journey of a hums student's twin
33. The year 12 journey of rainbowsparkles15
34. VCE from a Y12 - Nick's Journal (kinda).
35. VCE Journal: My thoughts and feelings
36. VCE Journey Journal to Medicine (hopefully):
37. Wendles JJ
38. Yertle's VCE Journey
39. Zhen's VCE Journey Voted Best Journal 2017

Updated as of 20/06/18.

How does it work?
1. Make your own thread on this sub-forum ("ATAR Notes VCE Journey Journal")
Click here to make your own thread.

You can call your thread whatever you like! This is your space, so the theme of the thread can be varied. Examples below:

"Joseph41's journey to a 90.00 ATAR"
"I don't know what to do next year - here are my Year 12 thoughts"
"J41's pathway to Medicine"

2. Update your thread
Again, this is *your* thread, so do with it as you please! You could post updates three times a day or once a month - it's entirely up to you.

Treat this thread as you would a diary. It's amazing to be able to look back at your journey in hindsight, to see what you were thinking and feeling. So, be as detailed as you like!

Include pictures of your study set-up, video blogs of how you're feeling, poems you've written - anything at all.

3. That's it!
Feel free to interact with others' stories. Ask them questions!

We also have a general journal thread. So if you're just sussing things out, or don't necessarily want to make your own thread yet, check this out!

NOTE: If you start a journey journal and want any particular post removed from that journey journal (yours or otherwise), please contact a moderator or administrator for further discussion.
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Re: VCE Journey Journal - How Does This Forum Work?
« Reply #1 on: February 15, 2018, 03:21:29 pm »
Opening post updated to include links to every existing VCE Journey Journal. :)

We'd love to see some more - just in time for the new academic year! ;D


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Re: VCE Journey Journal - How Does This Forum Work?
« Reply #2 on: June 20, 2018, 12:00:14 pm »
OP now updated! ;D


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Re: VCE Journey Journal - How Does This Forum Work?
« Reply #3 on: December 21, 2019, 10:58:16 pm »
Thought I'd add an updated list of active journals and journals from this year to this post! ;D

Class of 2022
the wild ride of vce by marble2

Class of 2021
Prag's Journey to Com/Law!! by prag.ahmad
A Cat's VCE Journey! by catpacksnapback
Gonna get that flat 30 ATAR by chopsticks
emma's vce journal by eemmaa
SmartWorker's treck across the savannah of VCE and medicine by SmartWorker
My EPIC and INTENSE VCE Journey by TigerMum
Yesh's random journey to the Rose coloured life by yesh.weerakkody
jeyda's journey through VCE by jeydanaazli
w0lfqu33ns problematic journal! by w0lfqu33n89
calamity and sanity by laura_
khad's journey to that sweet, sweet 99.95 by khadeejaatif

Class of 2020
Avatar: The Last Schoolbender by TakoYee
a journey on the yellow brick road by ArtyDreams
Jade Rhoden's Journey To A 90+ ATAR by J_Rho
Katie's Year 12 Journal by KatieWolf
Genshai's Grand Gamble by Genshai
kit's vce journal by rkjthguakj
The CASual Journey to thr End by ashmi
The Adventures of VCE by whys
Last Year of VCE by Coolgalbornin03Lo
Evolio's VCE Journey by Evolio
FAILURE OH MY GOD by coldairballoon
The Odyssey of VCE by tigerclouds
Geoo's VCE Journal by Geoo
Nexica's VCE Journal by Nexica
moonie's vce journal by moonchild
journey to self discovery by angrybiscuit
interessant's vce journal by interessant
Twenty Tapes of Nath by brothernathan
Inside out by Comet striker
Potsu's VCE Journal by potsu
Mediocre VCE Journal! by h0wLze

Class of 2019
Jimmy's VCE Journal by Jimmmy
Trying to get a 90+ Atar by Seamus Wong
Building a resilient headscape! by JR_StudyEd
COLLINE VS VCAA by colline
Journey to something???? bu NomotivationF
Bean's Tumultuous Year 12 Journal by smallbean
pugs' (v late!) vce journal by pugs
Last stretch of VCE by jkay__
Rani_b's VCE journey by rani_b
Remy's DeLOTEful VCE joural by Remy33
A journey to self discovery... by porcupine
Owlbird's Journey by Owlbird83
Counting to 20 and other unlikely adventures by Erutepa
alanihale's (very late) yr 12 vce journey journal :) by alanihale
Zappi's Year 12 Journey by Zappi
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