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Good luck for uni offers!


On behalf of the ATAR Notes Team, I would like to wish the Class of 2016 (and others) the best of luck with their university offers tomorrow at 2pm (and a bit later for our northern neighbours).

Handy Links:
VTAC Key Dates (change of preference, round dates etc)
I got an offer... now what?
Handy VTAC videos which explain the preference system, rounds etc

Remember the key points:

- Offers are to be released at 2pm via the VTAC portal, but you may (very likely) get an e-mail before 2pm confirming an offer (if you get one).

- Accept your first round offer always, even if you are going to participate in rounds 2,3 and beyond. By not accepting an offer in round 1, you seriously risk not receiving another offer. Most offers are issued in round 1, and each subsequent round reduces the chances of you getting anything.

- If you are going to take part in future rounds, make sure you reorder your preferences for consideration in the change of preference period between each round (move the preference you were offered in round 1 down to the bottom of the list)

- Follow the instructions set out in the offer from the institution to enrol. It's important you do this, because you may need to attend an enrolment session or something else to confirm enrolment.

- Offers have a lapse/expiry date where you must take action before that date. Accept it ASAP (refer to above).

- You are able to withdraw from accepted offers up until the census date set by the institution (usually around the end of March). You will not be financially penalised for this if you withdraw before that date. However, in saying that, to make your life easier.. once you get the course offer you want, withdraw from the other one ASAP.

If you have any questions about your offer - please post them in the VTAC Discussion board. I will be keeping my eyes out for questions, as will others. Best of luck with your offers and hopefully it's a great result for all!

BUMP: Offers are about (if not already) to come out. If you have ANY questions about your offer (or if you didn't get one and are wanting to know what to do now), please POST your question (I have linked two boards below where you can post in):

The link that was provided in the recent email sent out is the following board:
General University Discussion and Queries

You may also post your thread (as linked in the previous post):
VTAC Discussion

We have plenty of uni students who have been through this process at least once who can assist you with your questions.

Cheers, and congratulations to all :)



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