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I feel like these are extremely important videos that you all should be watching.

PLEASE! Do not fall into the course preference trap. Even if you got a lower than expected ATAR - make sure that your course preference list reflects what you want to get into, not what you think you can get into based on your ATAR. If you're still confused, watch the first video linked. Otherwise, there are some other videos which tell you what happens during change of preference periods and what happens when offers are released.

These explain things much better than I could, so here you go:

Preferences - why ordering is so important:

Change of preference periods [before & in between rounds!]

Accessing your offer - what now?

Other VTAC videos, view the VTACmedia Youtube channel:

BUMP: Offers are released next week - might be a good opportunity for those waiting for an offer to review these video links in the event that you have to modify preferences for round 2 and beyond.

A reminder
If you get a round 1 offer that you don't particularly want - you are able to rearrange your preferences for round 2+ between rounds! Remember you MUST order your preferences from highest to lowest (in terms of desire - which one do you really want?). For future rounds (2+), if you keep the offered preference as your #1, you won't get any further offers because ... if an offered preference remains at #1, it is assumed that you have received the course you want already.

IMPORTANT: If you get a round 1 offer, accept it EVEN IF YOU DON'T WANT IT. This way you have a safeguard in the event you don't get any future offers. If you do not accept an offer in the first round, you run the risk of not getting a single offer in any future rounds. You can withdraw from accepted courses right up until census date for Semester 1 (which is usually around the end of March).

THIS IS EXTREMELY IMPORTANT - Most course offers are issued in Round 1. As the rounds progress, the likelihood of you receiving any offers decreases.

Please post in VTAC Discussion if you have any questions - and someone will get back to you. Make sure you are informed and don't make decisions based on what your best friend has told you over Facebook :)


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