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September 23, 2020, 06:57:19 pm

Author Topic: VCE English Language Question Thread  (Read 52059 times)  Share 

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Re: VCE English Language Question Thread
« Reply #300 on: July 07, 2020, 01:31:56 pm »
hi, I have a question about prospective essay topics for unit 4,
as the study design has changed due to the circumstances of this year, what sort of questions would we get (or what would we NOT get)?

also, in terms of finding language examples for essays my teacher has been very unclear to this end. I have tried to collect some things but still don't know what to look out for. should I look for actual examples of language use e.g. trawling through tweets and watching politicians' conferences, or find articles documenting language change (the latter is really difficult!)

hope someone can help!

I'll do this in reverse. Firstly, everything you're doing in searching for contemporary examples is perfect. That's what I did last year, and what you need to do to find good examples to use in essays for SACs and the Exam.

Secondly, the study design has explicitly 'struck out' all the information you don't need to know. Consequently, these dot points (and the info they're about) cannot be asked about in essay prompts either. The big removals are:

*Anything to do with constructing national identity.
*Anything to do with/discussion of accents.
*Influence of other countries on Australian English/comparison to other countries.

I think this is a bit veiled. The only big essay prompt they've removed if the 'The use of 'x' is a key part of the national identity. Discuss'. There hasn't been a specified national identity prompt in a few years. E.g. last year, the one I did was:

‘Australian English is always enriched by the non-standard English varieties operating in contemporary Australian society.’ Discuss, referring to at least two subsystems of language in your response.

This would still be applicable in the new study design under the Unit 4 - AOS 1 blurb which states:

They explore how the non-Standard English varieties operating in Australia provide further dimensions to Australian English. They consider variation between regions, a range of migrant ethnolects, and Aboriginal Englishes, in addition to exploring how the language features associated with stereotypes may be adopted subconsciously or deliberately employed to establish or challenge identities.

I mentioned Australia's identity (concepts of multiculturalism, egalitarianism, fair go etc.) being constructed through language, and frankly I'd clarify with your teacher to see if you should still do this with the section being removed from the study design. However, I'd hope they'll be lenient because they've chopped bits and pieces so if you do discuss something that's no longer in the study design, they won't be too strict.

So in short, pretty much everything is still on the table except an accent topic (was always very unlikely) and an explicit 'constructing national identity from non-standard varieties/slang/jargon/changing attitudes' topic.

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Re: VCE English Language Question Thread
« Reply #301 on: September 17, 2020, 12:31:52 pm »
Does anyone have any quotes on standard australian english?
Im tryna write an essay paragraph on how its the most appropriate variety to use in most contexts. A quote about where it's used or something like that would be really nice but i cant find any and im not really sure what to search to find some
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