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I Got An Offer... Now What?

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So, you've received your ATAR and the next step of your life and arguably one of the most important, is the course you are going to embark on for the next few years of your life.  So in one of my posts in How Do Tertiary Offers Work, I briefly explained what you needed to do after VTAC informs you that you have received an offer.  I felt that it wasn't really informational so I've decided to make a new thread for this.

Firstly, the following list is what you needed to do at The University of Melbourne in 2010 (yes, a whole three years ago from when this post was made).  That means it will not only vary between tertiary institutions but also at UoM since it has been so long.  The point of this post is to give you curious and enthusiastic minds into what you need to do to enrol.

I have to stress that all tertiary institutions are wary of potential students that may be overseas or interstate at the time of enrolment.  So these days, most of the enrolment, including accepting the offer is done online.  So if you have an Internet connection in any place in the world, you can complete enrolment.  This is of course, there is someone back at home who has access to the enrolment package.

1.  Type the URL, which is given to you in the enrolment package that your institution will send you, into your browser.
2.  If you are a domestic student, then the first step will be to either accept your offer or defer it.
3.  Then you setup your email and student portal account.
4.  Then you need to confirm a few personal details including citizenship, contact details, emergency contact and also, Tax File Number.

If you don't have a Tax File Number, then now would be a good time to apply for a TFN.

The TFN is used for HECS-HELP.  Even if you don't plan to use HECS-HELP, it would still be a good idea to obtain one just in case you change your mind.  It just eliminates the hassle and stress of obtaining one at the last minute.

6.  Then you select your subjects for first year.  Don't worry, you change change them later.
7.  Then you plan for Academic Advice Day (AAD).  Other institutions might have a different name for this but this is the day where you mostly meet up with other first years, make an appointment to see a Student Advisor, course and subject information sessions are on and also the first of many chances to join clubs and societies.

This is what I've been looking for :P! Thank you mate.

thankyou! so we dont accept our offer on vtac, we get sent a separate website ?


--- Quote from: Michelle94 on January 09, 2013, 02:13:27 pm ---thankyou! so we dont accept our offer on vtac, we get sent a separate website ?

--- End quote ---

If you choose not accept, then all you need to do is...  nothing.  Just let it lapse and that's all.

But as a I mentioned before, it's best to accept anything you are given.

Sorry i meant.
do we accept our offer from the universities website not the vtac site?
how would we know what link it is? do we wait for the letter?
or does vtac tell us?


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