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September 21, 2019, 08:57:37 pm

Author Topic: In-class test  (Read 111 times)  Share 

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In-class test
« on: March 19, 2019, 10:10:27 am »
Hey anyone,

So I have an in class test coming up with 20 MC and two essays (which is making me freak out a bit because I thought it was going to be one essay along with short response) on ALL of crime.
I feel kind of confident (?) but I still feel like I'm going to do horribly and it's causing me to procrastinate.
I have no idea where to start studying or prepare for the tests. I feel like my teacher might give our class one easy question and one hard question because he's like that. I know it most likely won't be anything on the balance of society, the victim and the offender because we did that for our in class essay a few weeks ago. I'm somewhat worried he's going to go with compliance and non-compliance because that's what our HSC exam essay will most likely be. So basically I'm asking for advice on where and how to study for this. I have like 2 weeks left

PS: our class is so far behind, this test was supposed to cover Human rights + Crime but we had to make it crime because we haven't even finished international's crime. I'm worried we won't cover everything by the time of our HSC cos we still have our options.