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Title: Need Advice for Upcoming Unit3 Application SAC
Post by: Norry on May 10, 2019, 02:47:17 pm
Hi guys.
I have an application SAC next week which would go for two weeks.
my teacher sent me a document of outlining what will be in eahc components and areas we have to study for but that's too general. what it says is just wordy and not specified that I'm really lost for what I should be studying for.
and i've done a practice sac component 1&2 from my school last yr which is about a swimming pool and i didn't do well that i got stuck on the second page of component 2 and couldn't move on.
and i've given a bunch of information relating to the sac introducing Earth such as gravity force, sun, longtitue and etc. my teacher kept on mentioning  physics and he even gave us a worksheet to do about how to sort out force of gravity when masses and distance are given.
could anyone give me some advice on how to revise for this application sac? (btw my textbook is jacaranda and the sac is from chapter1-5
and how can i make the most use of the information given?
what i should be really careful with during the sac?
and i always feel unwell prepared for exams/sacs even tho people are saying im pretty good enough, how do i deal with this?

if anyone could answer, it would be really appreciated!!! thxxxx