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December 10, 2018, 10:03:48 pm

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Hey guys,

I'm finally a bit more productive! Well, I've moved on from long video game marathons to binge-watching anime/Youtube videos and reading manga. My grandma arrived in Sydney a few days ago and when my parents work, there's not much she could do but watch TV (and she doesn't really understand English apart from a few words). I'm slowly getting back into writing. I submitted an article for AN a week or so ago so it's a good starting place. I did finally finish my article for We Make Change (for those who didn't follow my HSC journey, WMC is a UK-based NGO I write for). I did tell the Head of Research that I was gonna go on hiatus because of exams but I wasn't sure if I was supposed to tell the Blog Manager as well (technically I'm listed under Researcher). I did apologise to my Blog Manager for the inactivity (he's really nice though so I don't think it's too serious of an issue). To be honest, I've been working on that article since September but it was an on-and-off thing because of exams. When I jumped back into it, I wasn't sure if I regret choosing to write about the Great Barrier Reef/coral bleaching. I ended up having 10+ tabs opened because I needed to make sure I was correctly explaining the science behind coral bleaching in a simple way (I didn't do bio/environmental science), read sustainability plans from the government (because that's always fun -_-), read as much stuff on the politics/backlash surrounding the GBR (I suck at politics) and find ways for the readers to help out locally. Anyway, I finally managed to put everything together and I submitted it to the Blog Manager today.

I'm also getting back to driving. The last time I drove was January, so ages ago. My mum booked my driving lessons for this week and I booked for 2 more lessons for next week. I also drove with my mum for around 1 hour to increase my hours. My driving instructor did say that my driving isn't bad for someone who hasn't driven in almost 1 year. At this point, I'm just trying to increase the number of hours and expose myself to different conditions.

As for my sleeping schedule, funny enough, it's actually improving. Maybe it's because I'm sleeping on a mattress in my parent's room so I'm kinda forced to sleep when they go to bed (they go to bed at around 10-11pm depending on the day). Because of that, I'm waking up a bit more consistently, ranging from 9.30am to 10.30am. However, my workout routine is slowly deteriorating. I'm no longer playing Just Dance for 2 hours every morning (because it's embarrassing). I did jump on the cross trainer once or twice but it is quite boring. I need to get myself a bit more motivated to work out in the morning because it's getting very hot (kinda humid imo).

Anyways, I'm hoping to improve my workout schedule, but also maintain this light productivity. Hopefully, I could submit more articles.

See you soon!

- Olivia
My predictions
English Language - 37
Specialist - 36
Latin - 38
Chemistry - 46
Economics - 42
ATAR Calculator sets a 99.40
?? A little exaggerated I assume?
Just hoping for 97+
Victorian Technical Score Discussion / Re: study score
« Last post by OchreOrca on 22 minutes ago »
How about mine for Specialist?
Unit 3: 87%
Unit 4: 91%
Exam 1 - 32/40
Exam 2 - 61/80

Victorian Technical Score Discussion / Re: study score
« Last post by Quantum44 on 26 minutes ago »
Cheers, by 33 you mean raw score yeah?


Can someone tell me what score(raw) I am looking at for Methods as well.

Unit 3: 63%
Unit 4: 84%
Exam 1: 24/40
Exam 2: 50/80
Ranking: Ranked in the middle of a fairly strong cohort

Probably around 33-36
Letís see...

- Predictions (scaled)
English - 34
Methods - 44
Specialist Maths - 50
Chemistry - 45
Physics - 41
ATAR: ~96 (Hopefully >97)
Monash University / Re: Monash General Chat
« Last post by Springyboy on 35 minutes ago »
First look isn't great tbh but will probably just have to get used to it  :-\

RIP if we can't remove units from the front page - previously I just hid everything except the actual units I was studying that semester.

@Sine give this a shot on Chrome if you want a better Moodle experience, a friend of mine designed the extension and it's absolutely gold
English: 89 (But then again every assessment i have underestimated myself)
Biology: 94 (I didn't do too well in internals but looking at the marking guidelines, i'm pretty confident)
Physics: 88 (don't expect too much from physics.)
Maths: 86-88 (missed quite a few questions plus the usual errors i make)
Maths Ext1: 30/50 (don't even ask. I don't regret doing the subject though; it was interesting.)
Software: 86-88 (I sort of got the gist of the algorithms but it depends how harshly they mark it i guess.)

Atar: 89-94 (Quite a wide range but really just hope)
hoping for
40 in bio 🤞🏼🤞🏼
Dunno if I did great but here goes my prediction -
English standard: 75
Mathematics General 2: 80
Biology: 72
Textiles: 89
Food technology: 94

Atar: 75

My score predictions are all lower than what I got internally because I am not 100% sure how well I did externally!  :P
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