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December 03, 2020, 06:24:41 pm

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HSC Society and Culture / Survey :)
« Last post by Nomsie on 16 minutes ago »
Would greatly appreciate it if you could fill in this survey, it's only a few questions around the influence of toy advertisements on gender identity and the socialisation process
HSC Society and Culture / Re: PIP Questionnaires here!
« Last post by Nomsie on 18 minutes ago »
Hey everyone, I'm guessing I'm the first PIP upload for the 2021 class?

Would be greatly appreciated if you could feel this out, and let me know if you would like me to fill out Yours, thankyou!  :D
The HSC Journey Journal / Re: Its HSC baby :)
« Last post by Nomsie on 21 minutes ago »
It would be greatly appreciated if you could fill in this survey for my PIP!

Thankyou :)
Music / Re: Spotify Wrapped 2020
« Last post by 1729 on 1 hour ago »
My Spotify Unwrapped 2020:

1. Juice WRLD (top 0.1% listeners)
2. XXXTentacion
3. Polo G
4. Mac Miller
5. Logic

1. Righteous
2. Self care
3. Everybody dies in their nightmares
4. 21

36,102 (600 hours)

Top Genre:

Other Stats:
- Listened to 72 genres this year, including 72 new ones.
- Listened to 209 artists this year
Music / Re: Spotify Wrapped 2020
« Last post by Joseph41 on 3 hours ago »
no way :o

I, too, was absolutely shocked.
University of Melbourne / Re: Subject Review Requests
« Last post by Hellwoodoo on 3 hours ago »
Could anyone give an updated review of any of these subjects?
Hi again Ash (can I just say how I love the format of your updates, the gifs and song make me  ;D ;D)
Currently, I'm a mixture of burnout, relief, excitement and fear. I've taken a VERY big break since my last update and I'm currently on a mini vacation with my friends which is helping me recover from this overload of stress that I've placed on myself for the past two years.
Understandable :) The mini vacation looks incredible, any fun highlights? You definitely deserve it!
At this point, I was desperately curious to know what was in this box so I grabbed a small set of bolt cutters, cut that lock open and had a peek inside. Oh boy, I did NOT expect what I saw inside of that tin box.
It was a bunch of photographs and a good chunk of them were from Scienceworks Planetarium.🤣Now, 8 year old me had no clue what the majority of these photos were, but now that I look at them again, it was pretty much astrophysics, electricity, fields and particle/high-energy physics.

It was then and there when I realised, I had an obsession with Physics. (whys thinks that is an understatement though...). I'm not talking about a small little "I love this subject" type of obsession, I'm talking to the extent where this subject has literally become my word. Its funny to think that the child version of myself already loved Physics before I even knew it was a thing.🤣. I don't even know what I got emotional over, but something about that little box got to me.
This is such a cool story, even 8 year old you knew it aha. I can't wait to see your passion grow for physics as you explore the subject further at university.
Well anyway thank you so much AN for all the support throughout this journey and I look forward to hopefully giving another update soon!!💕 Congrats Year 12s you have made it and good luck to the class of 2021!! We love you as always and have a super relaxing holiday💕💕💕
Another congratulations on becoming a finalist in Top designs, I'd love to (and I'm sure many others would too) see more of your final/folio on here. All the best for the rest of the year, I hope you have a nice relaxing break.
Can't wait for the next update  8)
HSC Chemistry / Re: HSC Chemistry Question Thread
« Last post by Bri MT on 4 hours ago »
I recommend looking up Indigenous chemistry with search terms like "seeds" "toxic" and maybe even tools like Morah stones used for food preparation.

species to look at if you stay really stuck
Dioscorea bulbifera, Beilschmiedia bancroftii and Castanospermum australe

I hope this helps!
HSC Chemistry / Re: HSC Chemistry Question Thread
« Last post by neha.singh4 on 5 hours ago »
Hey guys,
I have recently received my first Chemistry assessment task for Year 12. It requires us to use your understanding of dissolution of ionic compounds in water and Le Chatelierís principle research to remove toxins from native indigenous foods. Although I understand the nature of the task, I'm struggling to find some information on it since it's apart of the new Chemistry syllabus and there is limited resources available.

The topic is 'Indigenous Chemistry'. I'm struggling to:
1) Find a toxic Aboriginal food (except for cycads since we're not allowed to do that)
2) The detoxification process of the food
3) The correlation the food has to solution equilibria, Le Chatelier's principle and dissolution of ionic compounds.

If anyone can provide any sort of information to get the ball rolling for my assessment, I would greatly appreciate it!!!
AN Community Lounge / Re: ATAR Notes 2020 -virtual- Meetup!!
« Last post by Sine on 5 hours ago »
Hi again!

Saturday the 12th definitely seems the most popular! And the time will be 3:30pm (because I'm working that day and can't do any earlier and the votes are pretty spread anyway) hopefully we will stick around long enough for people who can only make it later in afternoon. I'm hesitant to confirm finish time, but I'm thinking maybe 2-3h? But no one has to stay the whole duration if you don't feel like it because that is quite a while to be in a zoom.

I'll post link on the 12th  ;D ;D

Can't make it because I have work (😭)
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