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April 23, 2019, 04:24:49 pm

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The VCE Journey Journal / Re: Zappi's Year 12 Journey
« Last post by Zappi on 40 seconds ago »
23rd April 2019

Luckily I got my Japanese SL Writing SAC rescheduled from tomorrow after school to next Thursday during a spare ;D And I cleared up some confusion around what the SAC was going to be like, etc...

Worried about SoftDev as the first Observation (I think it's called? Not familiar enough with folio subjects) is due tomorrow and I couldn't work on it over the holidays :'( Hit a roadblock and I couldn't get my problem answered until today. Will probably have to cut sleep back a little bit for some extra time. I refuse to get less than 6 (although 7~8 is my average) :'(
The VCE Journey Journal / Re: Remyís DeLOTEful VCE Journey
« Last post by Bri MT on 8 minutes ago »
I'm personally not a fan of TSFX (really disliked some of their marketing I got in VCE) - so it's kind of ironic that that's what you didn't know about - but I hope that you find the info beneficial anyway.

I'm not sure if there are many LOTE resources on AN but I know that some of our active users studied Chinese so hopefully you're able to find help/advice easily :)

Absolutely no worries :)
General Mathematics (Further Mathematics 1/2) [2017, 2018] I repeated it in year 11 lmao

Workload: Not much. As long as you do all the textbook questions then itís relatively easy to keep up.

Was it interesting? Itís maths, what do you think? But in all honesty, the content wasnít too dry. General tends to get a bad rep but I didnít think it was that bad. I did find it to be quite tedious in year 11 (when I repeated the subject), but going ahead with 3/4 work helped me with that.

What did you expect / What were you surprised by I had expected a heavy workload, since it was the first 1/2 (and VCE) subject I ever did. I was quite surprised by the fact that, as long as you do all the assigned work and don't lag behind, the subject isn't hectic at all.
However, if you do lag behind, it can be a lot more difficult to catch up. I noticed that once you enter VCE, you're expected to be responsible for your own learning. Unlike other year 10 subjects where teachers would slow down and make sure everybody is following along, you're expected to not lag behind in 1/2 (and of course this also applies to 3/4)

What was the social environment like: Eh. We had a full class and about 1/3 of the cohort were year 10s - we mostly kept to ourselves apart from a few adventurous ones who mixed with year 11s. There were a couple of adventurous ones who mixed with the older year levels but I wasn't one of them lol.

What would you do differently/keep the same? TBH I probably wouldn't have done general maths early, as further 3/4 is easy enough to learn without the 1/2 content and 1/2 gets a bit dull sometimes. Now as a year 12, I notice that 1/2 really don't have an impact on how well you do in further - most of those ranked towards the top end of the cohort never did 1/2.

So IDK if this is good advice: but for any year 9s thinking of doing further in year 11, don't do general in year 10 cuz IMO it's quite unnecessary. Of course, not everybody feels the same, and I personally know people who did general and found it really helpful.
Forum Games and Casual Chat / Re: Subject Areas +/-1
« Last post by Remy33 on 47 minutes ago »
Creative Arts: 49
English: 46
Humanities: 51
Languages: 53 (+1)
Maths: 45
Science: 69 
Technology: 42 (-1)
Hello :)
For a Mod A essay, what would be an effective essay structure, which would incorporate all the key ideas, and both texts? Like are 2 body paragraphs enough to write all the information?
Thank you!
HSC Community and Family Studies / Re: IRP Surveys here!
« Last post by Vanessa. on 57 minutes ago »
Hey I would appreciate it if you guys take the time to fill out my SAC questionnaire. Thank you.
Hey! In general I always think that you want to go see the teachers for subjects you aren't doing as well in. But it's always your call; no point if you don't expect anything productive to come from it :)
thanks so much
I've read both the links and they have motivated me even more ( content looks interesting ) the only problem is figuring out how to attend the tutorials. Could you let me know the location of the campus, like where specifically in Melbourne.
Anyways my first issue is to get in . . . I can figure all that out later

It's obviously not something you have to worry about too much now. The campus is located relatively close to the CBD (shown in the below image) and is quite accessible via public transport.

Lifestyle and Entertainment / Re: Do y'all podcast?
« Last post by K888 on 1 hour ago »
Need some new podcasts to listen to- any suggestions? ^-^
can't remember what I've recommended here before, but:
This podcast will kill you
Binge mode

Are my two faves at the moment :)
HSC Biology / Re: HSC Biology Question Thread
« Last post by Kombmail on 1 hour ago »
I needed to update notes on module 5 cuz i have basically one ( technically) and i really need ur help!
anyone willing to share module 5 notes please:)
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