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February 20, 2019, 04:05:38 am

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My "reasoning" for doing spec and methods was quite similar to quantum's. I don't think I thought too much about it and it just made sense to do both of them. In addition to this I did also consider doing uni maths at UoM or monash as a way of extension since a lot of the concepts are following on from spec stuff but I ended up not doing this for no other reason but I chose to do uni extension chemistry.

EDIT: Also did consider further as a lot of people told me it would be quite easy to score in with minimal effort. However, only 2 maths are allowed in the top 4 so it would've been quite redundant

VCE Chemistry / Chemistry Question Help!!
« Last post by JamieLeaf on 3 hours ago »
Hey Guys,
I have read through the solution for this question but I still don't know how to work it out. The question is: 100ml of gaseous hydrocarbon is mixed with 500 ml of oxygen at 20 degrees celsius and 1 atmosphere pressure and sparked. At the end of the reaction the gaseous mixture is returned to its original temperature and pressure. The final mixture consists of 300ml of carbon dioxide and 100 ml of oxygen. The molecular formula of the hydrocarbon is:

A) C2H4
B) C3H4
C) C3H6
D) C3H8
Hey Not1OfThem!

Firstly, welcome to the forums!  ;D Thanks for your advice, I've just printed what will be covered in year 11 and 12 for my subjects, and been studying for the first unit for each. I've recently discovered the past exams so I'll put those into good use too!  ;)

Thanks a bunch! :)

YES! Something I do all the time is read maths/science books - for pleasure but also for school. I've been watching a few YouTube videos to help me with the phospholipid bilayer (very interesting!) which has really helped.

Thanks for your advice Joseph41! :)

Hey Twisty314,

Great to see a fellow Queenslander! Just wondering, what past papers are you using? So far I've been using the HSC past papers because I find them relatively similar to the QCE syllabus. Feeling slightly annoyed we're the guinea pigs and don't have past papers or any idea what subjects will likely scale.


VCE Physics / Re: Why should I choose Physics?
« Last post by undefined on 3 hours ago »
Iíd recommend trying it out in year 11 and dropping it if you donít like it in year 12 (which is what I did). I was also in your position two years ago, and what I found was I couldnít use the same approach for physics as I did for spesh and methods and needed a good conceptual understanding of the content to do well. Physics does complement spesh for a couple topics though (kinematics and vectors) but taking both subjects is not essential to succeed in either.
The University Journey Journal / Re: Isla77's Dental Journey Journal
« Last post by Isla77 on February 19, 2019, 11:46:28 pm »
Hey everyone!!

So I'm officially fully enrolled in the course and these days get heaps of emails from the professors and coordinators. I read through them all, at least for the ones I've received so far, and have organised my immunisations, getting police check, getting WWCC, my timetable and the instruments I will require for the course. The instruments for the first year amounted to a total of about $2500, so not too bad considering most of it will last for the whole degree and I will need to purchase very little from now on.

Right now I am really excited to start uni, and I know it will be great because a lot of people love it and I think the environment will suit me more than high school. Can't believe how much freedom I will have. But also, I hope I can keep up with the course and all the assessments. When I received the offer a third year student kindly gave me a call for little chat, and said the studying part of it will be more interesting than high school because everything you learn will be directly used in the future. So the concepts you learn and the skills you develop will be extremely relevant, necessary for your future. Sounds exciting!

Also, I will be missing orientation and the first two days of uni, I hope that's fine. Also, how do I sign up for clubs and societies if I'm not going to orientation? Anyone here have similar experience?

So, a short one today, I will write more later but right now I'm really sleepy :P
HSC English Advanced / Re: English Advanced Question Thread
« Last post by e2503 on February 19, 2019, 11:29:48 pm »
Hey there, :)

I`ve recently been engulfed in exceeding distress about an upcoming creative writing assignment. My concern is not necessarily regarding developing an authentic storyline ( not everyone is J.K. Rowling :'( ), but rather developing a cohesive response through effective uses of literary techniques. I guess i am asking the most ambiguous question ever but what would you say are the most imperative aspects of an eloquent creative piece??
VCE Mathematical Methods CAS / Re: VCE Methods Question Thread!
« Last post by AlphaZero on February 19, 2019, 11:14:10 pm »
I used the first equation u provided and had p as 0.6 and n as 96 (from memory) and thats how I got 0.098. Have I stuffed up here/ why do you get a different answer?

You would've had to use that equation or equivalent to obtain  \(\hat{p}=0.6\)  and  \(n=96\)  in the first place though.

You haven't necessarily 'stuffed up'. You essentially used the margin of error and that equation (or equivalent) to find \(n\), only to plug \(n\) and \(\hat{p}\) back into the same equation to find the margin of error. What you did is 'mathematically correct', but completely pointless. (Although I believe \(n\approx 92\), not 96).

Also, for a 95% confidence interval,  \(z\approx 1.96\),  and is not exact. If you type  \(\texttt{invNorm(0.975,0,1)}\)  into your CAS, you should find that in fact it gives you  \(1.9599639859915...\). This rounding error plus your error in calculating \(n\) would've led to your answer.
Forum Games and Casual Chat / Re: Count to 20 before a mod posts!
« Last post by Erutepa on February 19, 2019, 11:13:20 pm »
But the point of this board is supposed to be entertaining?
Are you telling me that the world doesn't revolve around me   :P
This is hard to swallow...
The University Journey Journal / Sarangiya's 너무 사랑하는 Medical Journey Journal
« Last post by Lear on February 19, 2019, 11:11:40 pm »
From what Iíve gathered from some seniors in the medical field, such a story gathers attention in the media every year or so. People care for a few months and then nothing happens.

Quite a scary thing that, if a builder injures himself at a construction site, work safe is there ASAP. Meanwhile this sort of stuff is allowed to go on in the medical world, and has been for ages. Can you believe we are still better off now than many years ago?
Then again, what is worksafe going to do? Shutdown hospitals?
Hey sarangiya!
I hope your move to Sydney goes well, and that you enjoy your journey in med school. I'm sure you will handle and manage it all as you seem to be very capable.

I probably should have replied a bit quicker to answer that properly, but my initial reaction was one of shock! I didn't ever imagine I would be offered a place UNSW. I was estatic, my mum a bit apprehensive. But she's right on board now, so that's encouraging. It'll be hard to leave home, but I might be able to return more frequently than what I thought!

Congratulations on receiving your dream offer! Hope you won't miss your mum too much, but if you do, I will definitely relate to that lol. Great thing you will be able to return every now and then!

As for the media coverage concerning a resident in NSW, I was quite upset too. I can't believe someone will push that far, sacrificing their health in the process, but then again, I guess you do have to push yourself beyond limits if you want to succeed in certain medical specialties. But having said that, the problem lies certainly in the hospital that created this and the medical education that structures it. I suppose Dr Kadota did this because she have been faced with many challenges in her life and still overcame them, and so believed she can conquer this one too. No doubt the medical educators and the people responsible for it should be well aware that there are a lot of perfectionists in this field, perfectionists who tend to push themselves way too far. Medical educators will teach medical students about their work, so they should also shed light on looking after yourself and not to go too far when things might become toxic.

I heard about this on world BBC news on a flight from middle east to Asia two days ago too(it's become a worldwide news now :-\), and I really hope this extended media coverage will bring about some change in the system.
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