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Title: Need advice on what subject to drop
Post by: RuskiBrah on May 04, 2020, 01:48:06 pm
So my average for maths 2U is 64%
For business I received 70% in term 1 for finance - teacher said it was the hardest exam wed get - were about to do our second exam on operations in 2 weeks - but I'm probably not as prepared as I should be for it

For eco my average is 69% - although the first exam was the easiest exam wed get this year. We've done two exams

For geo my average is 80 ish

For legal my average is 72

Doing 12 units and because the subjects im doing are very content heavy, I think itd be best to drop 2 units but really not sure what to drop. I'm considering dropping business as I've heard it scales the lowest. I've also got geo coming up this Friday and itd be a bit of a pain catching up on business whilst at the same time preparing for geo. I've also got math coming up in 4 weeks which takes me a long time to study.

I would drop math but my teacher advised against it as I want to do finance/business in uni and he said hsc maths would help in getting into courses

Would just like to hear anyone else's two cents/ if they've been in a similar boat to what I'm in now
Title: Re: Need advice on what subject to drop
Post by: Justin_L on May 04, 2020, 06:51:28 pm
Hey RuskiBrah,

Ultimately, I don't think you should be making choices purely based on scaling. I have friends who picked all high scaling subjects and ended up miserable because they didn't actually enjoy the content, which led to them burning out quite frequently.

I think you should make a decision purely based off your workload and enjoyment. Look ahead in your syllabus, and see what sort of content you'll be studying next and whether it'll be enjoyable or useful to you in future.

You said that you'd like to do business/finance in future, so business studies and economics should naturally be more relevant. In terms of maths, universities do offer bridging course so it's not the end of the world if you drop. Maybe chat to your maths teacher about your performance? You could consider dropping down to standard, which might ease your workload.There's a lot of things to take into consideration here, but ultimately you're the one most qualified to decide.

Best of luck, whatever you chose to do!