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Title: AA Club-Week 2!!
Post by: katie,rinos on September 21, 2018, 03:41:14 pm
WEEK 2 2018!!

The excerpt recording is available here!!

Question (6 Marks)

An Excerpt from Harry's Wondrous World (1 minute 52 seconds) by John Williams will be played five times, for you to answer the question.

First playing- Short pause
Second playing- 30 second pause
Third playing- 1 minute pause
Fourth playing-2 minute pause
Fifth playing- 2 minute pause

Discuss how duration and texture are used in this excerpt.

Post any responses you have below! It could be a response under exam conditions or dot points which you’d include in an answer -whatever you think might be useful. Feel free to give feedback to other people, build on each other’s answers, and Jamon and I will help give feedback as well! :D

Looking forward to see what everyone comes up with!  ;D