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Title: What subject to do as 6th
Post by: accountingpro on September 06, 2018, 12:52:35 pm
Hey all,
Currently in year 11 finishing Busman 3/4 which I expect to get a pretty decent score.
Next year I'm planning on doing Methods, Specialist, Physics and English. I also plan on doing the UMEP Maths program but from what I can see it could only count as a 10% so I'd potentially drop it if the workload won't lead to being worth it. I enjoy Maths and am doing accounting 1/2 this year but I do not think it would be the best subject for me next year as 1. the teacher is a bit odd and 2. it's boring.
I enjoy Busman a fair bit so I'd say I want to do a similar subject and narrowed that down to pretty much Eco/Legal/GlobalPolitics.

Has anyone done similar subjects to mine and can comment on how they enjoyed either of these 3 subjects if they did them.