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May 16, 2021, 05:59:24 pm

Author Topic: Issue with my teacher (Classmates agree)  (Read 764 times)  Share 

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Issue with my teacher (Classmates agree)
« on: March 05, 2021, 06:51:28 pm »
So I'm currently in year 11 and have an issue with one of my teachers. I'm not trying to damage her career or reputation or whatever, as I genuinely need advice on this.
Obviously year 11 & 12 is important, and I have a good relationship with all of my teachers, besides one.

Shes new to teaching the subject (and relatively new as a teacher). But incidents that occurred recently have made me really hate going to class. And its strange, as I love the subject and all my others. And I would never want to ditch. But alas, I do.

She gives us information, whole syllabus points on printed paper, doesn't explain the information, and makes them close passages for "fun". She doesn't explain properly, and my classmates would have to ask multiple times in order to understand. Recently she gave away my (heavy weighting) task idea to a bunch of students after she told us we could only do this one idea (for example told everyone toaster, but I chose an oven). My idea, which was totally original and unlike her previously "must do this" idea, and told my classmates word for word. Word for word.
She doesn't reprimand students when they're completely rude and disgraceful to others in my class, openly disrespects others, and calls upon the smartest in the class for all the answers. And she wastes time. And she makes people feel smaller + barely giving advice or completely marking down.

Im not the only one, I overheard one classmate say "she doesn't know anything", which is true, as she asks other teachers for answers and doesn't teach half the time. Paper, just paper. The classmate even said she gives different students individualised attention unequally. Which is true. Student A only got 2 minutes with her and refused to talk again whilst student B had a 13-minute discussion. Happened repeatedly. The classmate and others timed it.
I even asked my desk partner, who agreed, saying that shes 'alright' but not as good as her other teachers.

Now, this isn't all to bad-mouth her, and I'm trying to keep certain events and information to not expose her too much.

I can't talk to her and ask her, as she'll take it the wrong way. I'm already getting a feeling she'll kick me out of the class. I'm too scared to talk to the principal, year coordinator or subject coordinator as I'll either get moved classes or she'll find out and not like me for the next two most important years. Yes, she would do that.
I don't want to move either as I really enjoy that class, I love it so much, its probably one of my favourites. Its one of the hardest subjects, a small class, and scales fairly well too which is a bonus.

If anyone has any advice, it would be appreciated.


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Re: Issue with my teacher (Classmates agree)
« Reply #1 on: March 06, 2021, 01:33:34 pm »
Hi Nicolina,
After having a think about this, really there are a few options. I also don't think you should worry  about being kicked out/ them getting in trouble, to be honest it's her job to *teach*, not hand out papers.
I feel like your first point of action should be to discuss with a trusted teacher or teamleader/coordinator, at least one you know and can trust, they'll likely give you solid advice while taking the situation into consideration. I really don't see anything bad happening to you at least for doing this, as IMO it's the most responsible thing to do, as a teacher not teaching in year 11/12 is pretty serious. Secondly, maybe you could find some other teacher you could use as a mentor for the subject if you have other teachers in your school for it that is, or find someone externally. But you should also consider that you actually like the subject and don't want to be moved, then maybe there's not a massive issue? It also depends on how well your class does. But from what it sounds like, she sounds like a pretty toxic teacher and I'd go to someone you trust.
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