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June 25, 2022, 11:06:13 pm

Author Topic: Work with disadvantaged students—open to all uni students (including new!)  (Read 4589 times)  Share 

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vox nihili

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Hey everyone!

Just letting y'all know that applications have opened to join the Student Welfare Outreach Team. I've been involved with the team for the past five years and am really proud of the work that we've done in that time.

As the title suggests, SWOT exists to address educational disadvantage. In a number of programmes (detailed below), we work with students from disadvantaged backgrounds to provide them the support they need to supplement their education and help them achieve results consistent with their ability. This remains important work, as the single biggest contributor to one's educational achievement—with all the opportunities in life that implies—is their parents' wealth. The effect of wealth is greater than the effect of inherent ability, such as IQ or work ethic.

SWOT begun as one week revision lecture programme, started about 20 years ago by the Melbourne Medical Student Society. Now it has expanded, with many programmes falling under the SWOT banner:

SWOT Week: revision lectures in the term 3 break (semester break for uni students). Students come in for a series of lectures and tutorials with our volunteers, with each day of the week devoted to a different subject. This year we will also have a "mini-SWOT week" during the half-year break with our most popular subjects.
SWOT Masterclasses: SWOT tutors go out to schools in the Melbourne region to give one after school tutorial each semester. This sees tutors work at the coalface, with the opportunity to develop a more consistent relationship with students.
SWOT Virtual: As the name suggests, SWOT virtual consists of more regular tutorials done virtually. This is a particularly good option for potential tutors who are worried about getting to SWOT week or masterclasses.

Who can join?

Any university student including students who have just finished their VCE!!

Although the programme is notionally based at the University of Melbourne, we encourage applicants from other universities to apply. In recent years we have seen a sharp increase in the number of tutors coming to SWOT from other universities, which has been a huge bonus for the team.

You can find out more about SWOT programmes here and apply to join us here.

What if I have questions?

Post them here or feel free to PM me! :)
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