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January 22, 2022, 08:11:04 am

Author Topic: Marking Centre VET Exam Tips By The Sydney Morning Herald  (Read 2521 times)

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Marking Centre VET Exam Tips By The Sydney Morning Herald
« on: August 18, 2019, 12:42:51 pm »

Entertainment Industry
Entertainment Industry exam:
🌈 Draw clear and accurate diagrams including labelled stage plans.
🌈Provide clear technical steps and describe troubleshooting processes.
🌈Use industry-specific terminology and identify equipment by name and function.
🌈 Make clear the context for lighting design (dramas, musical, mood, atmosphere, genre) and apply lighting techniques, such as intensity, beam angles, three-point lighting and throw distances.
🌈 Refer to specific hazards rather than just listing general hazards.
🌈 Link concepts and examples within questions.

Retail Services
Retail Services exam:
🌈 Use the marks allocated to the question as a guide to the detail required.
🌈 Prepare to answer questions from each HSC Content focus area.
🌈 Understand and interpret key words.
🌈 Use the number of lines as a guide to the length of the response.
🌈 Read the question carefully to note whether it asks for one or multiple examples.
🌈 Highlight your industry knowledge by providing relevant retail and/or community pharmacy examples and terminology.
🌈 Apply key workplace concepts to given scenarios.
🌈 Link concepts and examples within questions.

Study tips for Electrotechnology: Can you…
🌈 State the purpose of a circuit diagram?
🌈 Correctly identify electrical symbols?
🌈 Place circuit components in the correct locations within an electrical circuit?
🌈 Recognise the impact that switches have within a circuit?
🌈 Show understanding of how current flows through a circuit?
🌈 Show awareness of re-testing to confirm the correct operation of an installation?
🌈 Recognise the safety issues involved in working at heights?
🌈 Use Ohm’s Law and apply it to solve calculations?
🌈 Demonstrate a thorough knowledge of d.c. theory and solve problems in d.c. circuits?
🌈 Demonstrate how to use power equations?
🌈 Demonstrate understanding of voltage drop?
🌈 Use PPE correctly?
🌈 Apply risk management in an energy sector workplace?
🌈 Justify the selection of components, tools and equipment for particular tasks?
🌈 Interpret drawings and diagrams and apply the information to energy sector work functions?
🌈 Explain how to work safely, effectively and sustainably?
🌈 Show an understanding of the nature and scope of the industry?

source: https://hsc-study-guide-2019.smh.com.au/marking-centre-advice-3/

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