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January 22, 2022, 08:13:54 am

Author Topic: 2018 Exam Predictions  (Read 2082 times)  Share 

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2018 Exam Predictions
« on: November 03, 2018, 05:27:28 pm »
Hi fellow foodies! (if there are any of you that use AN :) ).
As there are only a few days until the food tech exam, I thought I would share some of my predictions for this year's exam.

Section III:
- Promotional programs (FPD)
- Dietary Supplements (CNI)
- Legislation (AFI)
- The role ofin promoting health (CNI)

Potentially Im thinking they may provide a sample food business and we would have to talk about which AFI legislation they are affected by, their role in health promotion, what promotional programs would affect them.

Section IV:
- Reasons for food preservation (FM)
- Principles of food preservation (FM)
- Emerging technologies (AFI)

Remember that they love to combine multiple aspects of the syllabus. Some examples of what I think the question might be like:
E.g. Evaluate the use of emerging technologies in the Australian food industry in the preservation of food.
E.g. Analyse how the reasons for food preservation have led to the development of different food products on the market.

Keen to hear anyone else's thoughts about what might be in the exam. And definitely make sure you study for all aspects of the syllabus, instead of relying on your's or others' predictions.  :)

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