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January 29, 2022, 05:54:17 am

Author Topic: The beginning of the end  (Read 1052 times)

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The beginning of the end
« on: October 12, 2016, 09:14:07 pm »
It's one night left... Till the start of the HSC... And you're hoping you don't have to discover anything more or see that taboo word ever again...



Alright, if you really need to scream, just let it out. And if you can promise me you won't play music in your head during the exam, I reckon Zac Efron portrays the instability of the individual the best.

However, now's not the time to be like that.

We were all there. By this point in time you're all tired in some way or another. It's been enough. Twelve long years of learning and now it's come to the last steps. So where are you at?

You may think you're unprepared for tomorrow, but it's probably a state of the mind. I trust all of you have studied enough so that you can meet your own expectations. Heck, I put off English so badly and even I was still able to feel ready for the battle ultimately. Whilst being realistic, I was nowhere near as good as the trio in English, I was definitely satisfied with the amount of work I was able to pull out towards the end.

What I'm here to do is just put out a bunch of suggestions for the eve before the war. Whether or not they will work for you, I don't know. But anything little might be all the difference. (I'll try not to iterate anything you've already seen.)

1. Do nothing
Although some of you may have seen this saying before, the majority will still think this is counter-logical bullshit. And probably rightfully so; everyone talks about taking it easy but nobody actually says to stop.

By stop I really just mean pause. In general hardly anything can be squeezed into your head in the short time left, so unless you already have it there and you just want to go over it there probably isn't any point anymore. It's probably more valuable to listen to some peaceful music or meditate.

If anything, the night before the storm is about being relaxed, not draining yourself out. Perhaps that time taken to relax will make all the difference.

2. Flash cards at the most
Past papers are a godsend and in general you should be always doing them. Except now. Doing past papers now is insanity; you're not going to get anything out of it.

Flash cards is used here as a dummy; whilst you can use flash cards if you like the point is to not do something overbearing. Maybe for the other subjects, testing each other (among your study groups) will help jog things in. Nothing wrong with looking at flash cards either. Just, nothing too excessive.

3. A walk
Had I made this post a bit earlier, this would've spoken to more people. But point still stands. Try getting some fresh air.

For how long have you spent just locking yourself up in a "basement" staring at papers and books with a pen in your hand? Exactly, you wouldn't be able to count it. Get out of the house and feel the cool breeze on your skin.

If you're paranoid about strangers being out in the dark, I completely get that. If you insist on staying within safe boundaries then just sit outside the balcony or something. Gaze at the stars for a bit and pretend that's the 99.9 ATAR you want to beat Jake with. I'm kidding Jake please don't hurt me

Even doing that tiny bit permitted studying outside might be useful. If you can't stay calm just because you're outside that's okay, but you might find you're going to be more relaxed studying this time.

4. Sleep
If you can live without 8 hours of sleep, good for you. But the last thing you want to be is tired.

You wake up feeling drowsy as hell, and not even a bucket of cold water in your face did anything. Well, that's just going to be problematic.

Whatever you do, don't lack sleep. Don't try putting off sleep at a time like this, or as a matter of fact for any exam.

If you find it rough because you accidentally let yourself get stressed, backtrack and listen to peaceful music. Calm yourself back down so that you can sleep peacefully.

5. Play games*
There's this saying that the guys who end up doing the best always just spend the night before (or even the entire day before) being almost unrealistically chillax. But that being said.

I star this for a reason. Use with caution. Use only if you know what you're doing, otherwise forget you even read this point.

Band 6.
That's all. Just go aim for that band 6 :P

A small toolbox to remember before tomorrow
1. Do the paper in the order you always intended on doing it in
2. Remember your title in the creative
4. Keep track of time
5. Advanced students - don't overkill the unseen texts to the point you go on tangents. Standard typically do better in this section because of these mishaps
6. Don't waste reading time. Especially paper 1 - read those unseen texts. (hides secret)
7. Answer. The. Question.

(I'll probably write up something for maths closer to that date as well)

With that all out of the way there's one last thing to say.

Make these days count. There's only so much left you have to do before 4 full fucking months of glorious freedom. Now's not the time to falter.

Each and every one of you can do it. Have faith in yourself. Believe in the work that you've put in. And remember, everything always works out in the long run.

Class of 2016...
 Good luck!


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Re: The beginning of the end
« Reply #1 on: October 12, 2016, 09:22:16 pm »
Very inspirational/helpful Rui! :P

I too wish everyone the best of luck! :P

Remember, once the first two shitty exams are out of the way, everything should be smooth sail from then.