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November 29, 2021, 01:13:21 am

Author Topic: UMEP Philosophy 2021  (Read 403 times)  Share 

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Ali Ramezani

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UMEP Philosophy 2021
« on: October 20, 2021, 09:21:05 am »

I am considering whether I should do UMEP Philosophy next year or not. My school didn't offer VCE Philosophy which I wanted to do, so I thought I could get some sort of similar experience. But I am a bit concerned about whether I will be able to handle the work load. I am doing Global Politics, Legal Studies, Methods, Chinese SL (which is gonna be the hardest and a subject I will spend a ton of time on) and Literature in Year 12. There is also the problem of travel. My scores were quite good this year, with Legal, GloPol and Methods above 92. Literature was around the 80s and Chinese around the 70s. I have dropped a lot of my other commitments so I will have full time next year to study (though I do need to squeeze a bit of exercise for health). I am also thinking of doing Philosophy in University so I thought that maybe I could calm my excitement and leave philosophy for Uni, but if I can squeeze UMEP in, I would like to do it. I wanted others opinion on doing UMEP Philosophy with these subjects and whether I can get an ATAR of 98+.

Thank you


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Re: UMEP Philosophy 2021
« Reply #1 on: October 20, 2021, 10:14:28 am »
Those sound like really good scores, so good job since I know this year has been tough. Tho be carful setting your expectations too high.
In terms of the benefits of doing a uni subject, it is objectively easier to get a higher SS for than other subjects but it will only ever count towards your 6th subject, or a max of 5 SS points.
However, five subjects+ a uni subject is alot. I can't say from personal experience however philosophy does contain alot of essay writing and reading, this is time consuming stuff. Maybe consider dropping a subject for it? But this wouldn't be reccomended unless you accelerated a subject in year 11 because then you are ensuring your top four subjects are all done in year 12 and if you flop one of them, your ATAR will take a huge hit.
So do a tad more research on the preresiquite subjects and really consider how much time you will have on your subjects if you are serious about getting a 98. 5 subjects + a uni CAN be done, but idk if I would recommend it, especially for a subject as tough to naturally do well in than philosophy.
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