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June 26, 2022, 11:43:19 am

Author Topic: Bachelor of Science/Bachelor of Biomedical Science (Monash)  (Read 413 times)  Share 

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Hi :) Iím currently in year 11 so Iím not particularly worried about courses just yet, but Iíd still like to get an idea so I have a goal to work towards.

The top two courses Iím most interested in at the moment is a Bachelor of Science and a Bachelor of Biomedical Science (at Monash.) Iíd like to go into postgraduate medicine but thatís a long term goal of mine and Iíd like a backup just in case things go south.

Which is where my dilemma comes in: a Bachelor of Science gives me more room to major in something else that I could fall back to (since you only need to complete certain units in order to qualify for postgrad med at Monash), but at the same time Biomedical Science has the reserved spots and covers content that I find pretty interesting. (But Iíve also heard that it can end up being a useless degree with little job prospects, Iím not entirely sure how true it is, Iím being told different things.)

But then I saw that you could do a double degree of Science/Biomedical Science, and I was wondering, is it worth it? To be honest, I donít really care for the extra time spent in uni and the extra work needed, Iím willing to put in the effort. Iíve been told that the two courses are fairly similar unless youíre majoring in something drastically different for Science, which Iíd like to major in psychology and possibly go into a mental health type career as a backup. (If I do go through with med, Iíd like to specialise in psychiatry so itís still close to what I aspire to do.)

My logic is that it would mean I have the qualifications for both courses, giving me the benefits of the reserved allocations for biomedical science, while also having science as a backup so I donít end up with a Ďuseless degreeí.

So yeah, is it worth it? Or is it better to just focus my efforts on one degree?

Thank you!