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June 25, 2021, 01:50:20 am

Author Topic: How does the marking + feedback section work?  (Read 3998 times)

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How does the marking + feedback section work?
« on: May 23, 2019, 02:29:30 pm »
This section aims to be a one-stop shop for feedback on any QCE response, for any subject, for any year level. Post your work in this section, get feedback, and improve it. 😍

How Does This Section Work?

Click here to post your response as a new topic in this board.

Use the convention: "[SUBJECT]: [ESSAY TOPIC]"; for example, "English: Burial Rites Essay" or similar. Just something that makes it easy for people to see what your response is about! Anyone who is able to help out will be able to post as a reply in your thread and give you a hand. Your thread becomes your space for improvement.
After you've posted your piece for a response, scroll through what others have posted and see if there is something you can lend a hand with. Maybe you spot an essay on a text you've studied, or someone needing help with an essay on a topic you've learned. Jump in and lend a hand by clicking on their topic, reading their work, and scrolling down to the "Quick Reply" window to offer some advice. It might be a quick comment, it might be some detailed feedback. Either way, it is going to seriously help the person on the other end.

You don't have to be an expert to give feedback. Don't feel like your contributions are valued or wanted any less based on your academic results. If you can be helpful, we want you to contribute. In this way, this section becomes a huge collaborative effort, driving everyone closer to their academic goals. It works best when you give just as much as you receive! Pay it forward, as they say. :)

So please get involved, and we genuinely hope everyone benefits greatly from giving and receiving feedback in this board! If you have any questions about how it all works, feel free to pop them below!
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