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June 25, 2021, 12:30:37 am

Author Topic: UTS Referencing System  (Read 3371 times)

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UTS Referencing System
« on: February 19, 2018, 09:28:35 pm »
Welcome to the final article for UTS =), this will touch the UTS referencing system!
Here was part 1
Here was part 2!

The Harvard UTS referencing system is used in all faculties but law.

Intext referencing

•   One author with date
James (1999) has emphasised that…
It was apparent in the US study (James 1999)

-   Two authors with date
James and Marsh (1999) has emphasised that…
It was apparent in the US study (James & Marsh 1999)

-   3 authors with date
James, Marsh and Shaun (1999) has emphasised that…
It was apparent in the US study (James, Marsh & Shaun 1999)

-   4 or more authors with date
James et al. (1999) has emphasised that…
It was apparent in the US study (James et al. 1999)

-   NO date…
It was apparent in the US study (James n.d.)
It was apparent in the US study (James & Shaun n.d.)

-   Two references one sentence (same idea)
James (1984) and Marsh (1999) have emphasised that....

MORE INFO for reference list and intext references
If an author is not present…      Use the organisation

E.g. NSW Library (1999) has emphasised that…

If an author and organisation is present… use the author


James Murphy is the author and the org is news.com.au
Murphy (2018) stated that there’s a chance that Tesla may tarnish their brand.
Use et.al. for more than 3 authors
Use n.d. if the date can’t be found

Reference lists
*If the edition is the first one… or it’s not apparent, ignore it)
Ex 1: Rowling, J.K. 2003, Harry Potter and the Order of the Pheonix, Bloomsbury, United Kingdom.
Ex 2: Winton, T. 1991, Cloudstreet, McPhee Gribble, Australia.
> Author’s family name followed by initials
> Year
> Book title (in italics)
> Edition
> Publisher
> Place of publication

Ex 1: Poruthiyi, V.P. 2013, ‘Weaning Business Ethics from Strategic Economism: The Development Ethics Perspective’, Journal of Business Ethics, vol. 116, no. 4, pp. 735–749.
Ex 2: Ruiz, F.A., Donthu, N., Prior, D. & Rialp, J. 2018, ’How does marketing capability impact abnormal stock returns? The mediating role of growth’, Journal of Business Research, vol. 82, pp. 19-30.
> Author(s)
> Year
> Title (‘in single quotes’)
> Journal name (in italics)
> Volume and issue numbers
> Page numbers

Ex 1: Hannam, P. 2018, ‘Significant' heatwave roasts south-eastern Australia as global records melt’, Sydney Morning Herald, 19 January, viewed on 15 August 2019, <http://www.smh.com.au/environment/weather/significant-heatwave-roasts-southeastern-australia-as-global-records-melt-20180119-h0l12b.html>.
Ex 2: Carey, A. 2018, ‘Aboriginal MP receives vile threats over Australia Day flag call’, The Age, 19 January, viewed on 10 August 2019, <http://www.theage.com.au/victoria/aboriginal-mp-receives-vile-threats-over-australia-day-flag-call-20180119-h0l51i.html>.
> Author(s)
> Year
> Title of the article (‘in single quotes’)
> Newspaper (In italics)
> Date published
> Date viewed
> Website link

Ex 1: AIESEC n.d., About AIESEC, viewed 10 June 2018, <https://www.aiesecaustralia.org/about>.
Ex 2: United Nations n.d., About the United Nations, viewed 10 June 2018, <http://www.un.org/en/about-un/>.
> person or Organisation
> year (If the year is not found, use n.d.)
> title of the webpage (in italics)
> type of website (usually not needed)
> Organisation
> Publisher location
> Last access date
> The full URL <in angle brackets>.

Laws (ACTS)
Ex 1: Anti-terrorism Act 2004 (Cth).
Ex 2: Workplace Relations Amendment (Work Choices) Act 2005 (Cth).
> Name of the Act (in italics)
> Year (in italics)
> Jurisdiction.

Ex 1: Anti-Money Laundering and Counter-Terrorism Financing Amendment Bill 2017 (Senate).
Ex 2: First Home Super Saver Tax Bill 2017 (Senate).
> Name of Bill (in plain text)
> Year (in plain text)
> House of Parliament where introduced.

Ex 1: Sohaib, O. 2013, ‘Chapter 1 Strategy and Information Systems’, UTS Online Subject 31245, lecture notes, UTS, Sydney, viewed 28 June 2018, <https://online.uts.edu.au/bbcswebdav/pid-2119789-dt-content-rid-9100234_1/courses/31245-2017-AUTUMN-CITY/Week%202-%20Lecture%201%20%28IS%20Strategy%20Triangle%29.pdf>.

Ex 2: Chandran, D. 2014, ‘CRM & BI Lecture’, UTS Online Subject 31258, lecture notes, UTS, Sydney, viewed 28 June 2018, <https://online.uts.edu.au/bbcswebdav/pid-2221089-dt-content-rid-9799767_1/courses/31258-2017-SPRING-CITY/BDIS_PPT_Ch09%20-%202%20slides%20per%20page%281%29.pdf>.
> Lecturer
> Year
> Title
> Subject
> Type
> Uni
> Location
> Date viewed

**If the original producer of the image is known, put them down, and then make a note of the website/organisation**.

> Dept (or Author)
> Year
> Title (in italics)
> Organisation
> View date

Image from book
> Artist
> Year
> Name (in italics)
> Company
> Location

Ex 1: The Conversation 2018, Tumours release mutated DNA and abnormal proteins into blood, viewed 2 May 2018,

Ex 2: Curnock 2012, This Acropora field in Fiji was exposed to multiple impacts including a crown-of-thorns outbreak and cyclone damage, The Conversation, viewed 2 May 2018,

[/b]Ex 1: Gut Revolution 2017, television program, Catalyst, ABC TV, Sydney, 24 October.
Ex 2: Purpose over profit: how social enterprises are boosting employment 2017, television program, Lateline, ABC TV, 7 December.

> Title (in italics)
> Year
> Television program (if it’s a TV show) / Radio Program
> Program name
> Production Company
> Station location
> Broadcast day

Ex 1: Oxford dictionary 2017, Oxford University Press, UK, viewed 10 January 2018, < https://www.oxforddictionaries.com/>
If it’s a print dictionary you don’t have to do anything…
If it’s an online dictionary..  Use the structure (LINK TO THE MAIN SITE.. not the page)
> Online Dictionary
> Year
> Company
> Location
> View date

Ex 1: My Big Fat Greek Wedding 2002, motion picture, IFC Films, United States.
Ex 2: Gallipoli 1981, motion picture, Roadshow Film, Australia.
> Title (in italics)
> Release Year
> Format (use motion picture for films; use video recording, CD-ROM, DVD, audio cassette, slide, or microform etc. for other audio-visual material)
> Distributor (for films) or publisher
> Place of publication (for audio-visual material)
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