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April 21, 2021, 06:06:45 pm


How much effort do you think you put into taking care of yourself?

Routine integrates a lot of self care
0 (0%)
A moderate amount integrated in routine
2 (13.3%)
Sometimes purposely try to do things for self
3 (20%)
Occassionally do things for self
8 (53.3%)
Don't really take time for self / not really part of routine
2 (13.3%)

Total Members Voted: 15

Author Topic: How do you 'self-care'?  (Read 541 times)  Share 

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How do you 'self-care'?
« on: March 04, 2021, 01:17:13 pm »
I'm kind of tossing up whether or not the poll will be an accurate measure because I'm assuming everyone has different things they would consider being self care, but feel free to vote whichever option.

My main question was too varied to put in a poll, but I was wondering what are the main things you do as self-care?

I had an activity recently where I had to rate different taking-care-of-yourself things on how much I do them, and they were broken up into categories of physical, psychological, emotional, spiritual, (professional).

Do you guys think you focus more on one area?

I don't often purposely plan activities because I am thinking they are 'self-care', but I have a moderate amount of self care kind of in my routine I think.

My main things I prioritise might be:
-(kind of) healthy eating
-enough sleep
-seeing /talking to friends

Other stuff I do purely for my own benefit:
-time for Netflix/YouTube
-listening to music
-dance class
-wearing clothes I like

Things I'm kind of working on improving:
-saying no to things (kind of) mostly it's just no to myself though when I get tempted to plan more things than my future self would appreciate
-organisation (?)
-turning off notifications sometimes

The things I want to do more frequently are:
-being more creative eg cooking, art, crafts
-reading for fun
-writing in journal
-appreciating nature/going outside
-letting go of thoughts unrelated to present

Occasional stuff that feels luxurious/rewarding:
-watching movie without stopping and starting
-dyeing hair
-getting away from phone/messages
-cooking fancy meals or baking
-going to op shops
-long walk listening to podcasts
-buying food out
-doing nothing/daydreaming on public transport

At the beginning, I kind of intended to focus this post of the last category I put in of that occassional-fancy-stuff you do as 'self care', but I think it's also important to be aware of how much your daily routine incorporates regular stuff that you do to take care of your physical/emotional wellbeing.

Feel free to copy this structure in your reply and modify/delete parts, or reply without this however you want!

Self-care you prioritise in your routine:

Other self-care in your routine:
Self-care stuff you are improving on:
Activities you want to do more of:
Outside of your routine, favourite ways to treat yourself:

I hope you guys are taking some time to take care of yourself, if not please try do something today that only benefits yourself!!  :)
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Re: How do you 'self-care'?
« Reply #1 on: March 04, 2021, 06:43:12 pm »
Self-care in your routine:
- daily skin/ hair routine - I spend a few minutes each day to apply moisturiser to skin and hands especially (gloves 6 days a week = unhappy, dry hands) and Iím trying a list of rotating hair products to try and ensure my hair is healthy. (Please PM me hair product recommendations for split ends!)
- I use my commutes to clear my mind. (Probably why AN is my go to during train rides!)
- A good olí sleep in regularly.

Self-care stuff you are improving on:
- Sleep. I suck at sleeping enough, but itís getting very very slowly better.
- Mental health. I sucked at keeping a clear, positive mindset. Itís not quite there yet but I have faith itíll get better eventually.
- Reducing screen time. Really hard when everything else seems to use technology these days, but itís improving most weeks now.

Activities you want to do more of:
- Talking to friends who are/ were isolated in lockdown more often
- Catching up with friends in general

Outside of your routine, favourite ways to treat yourself:
- I occasionally purchase food for myself if Iíve got time and am celebrating or commiserating after a particularly awful day.
- Shopping on rare occasions.
- Taking a day off for some R&R.
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Re: How do you 'self-care'?
« Reply #2 on: March 04, 2021, 07:17:09 pm »
Self-care you prioritise in your routine: reading (I uh read a lot) and sleeping in 🤣
Other self-care in your routine: taking a long shower/bath, taking long walks
Self-care stuff you are improving on: eating more regularly
Activities you want to do more of: more exercise tbh!
Outside of your routine, favourite ways to treat yourself: treating myself with books/takeaway food/fabric
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Re: How do you 'self-care'?
« Reply #3 on: March 06, 2021, 06:59:05 pm »
I think how I do self care is a bit different to how most people think of it. For me it's not so much about activities I enjoy or doing things for myself because everything can just make me more stressed depending on the circumstances.

It's more about just paying attention to what I need and making adjustments before things build up really bad. It's just things like using my weighted blanket and fidget toys, knowing when to close my eyes and have a break for a moment, knowing when I need some socialising and when I've planned too much stuff that's all just ended up to overwhelming and knowing that I can just take a step back and not do those things rather than forcing myself to do everything that I said I would regardless of it hurting me.

It's definitely something that's new to me and that I'm still learning. It's only really in the last year or so that I've really had to pay attention to how I'm feeling and that I've started to learn what feelings mean I need to do something productive, or something chill, or what it is that'll help me remain balanced. 100% recommend. It makes life so much nicer. It does take a bit of effort having to be constantly be aware of my own feelings and reactions when it's something that I'd been taught to ignore my whole life. There's lots of things I have to unlearn. Like I can just walk out of class if I need quiet, and I can just put earplugs in when I'm in the shopping center.

IDK if that really answered the question. I don't remember what the question was. I just find that I can't do set things that are meant to be good for me because if I plan to watch a movie but I have heaps of energy on the day then I'm not going to feel better afterwards, or if I plan to go for a walk but I'm exhausted then maybe that would be a good movie day instead. But it's kinda just something I have to monitor and adjust on the spot.
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