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April 22, 2021, 09:20:15 am

Author Topic: 🎉 ATAR Notes Honour Board - Hall of Fame, MVPs and Members of the Month 🎉  (Read 32244 times)

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spectroscopy is our newest and 27th inductee into the ATAR Notes Hall of Fame. 🙌

Joining ATAR Notes more than seven years ago, spectroscopy has been a mainstay of the forums for many years, and a very positive influence on the community. Active on the forums since the day they joined, Spec has since posted almost 2,000 times, and has been a State Moderator, a National Moderator, and, now, an Honorary Moderator.

Spec has posted mostly across the university, general VCE, and general discussion boards, with more than 300 posts in the University of Melbourne and Victorian Education Discussion boards alone. Check out some of Spec's thread highlights below:

> How to choose a commerce major!
> How I went from a 40% student, to a 40 raw student in 6 months
> I did bad in one sac, are my chances for a 50 ruined?!

As a poster who has used ATAR Notes both during and after high school, Spec has really come full circle. Their work as both a moderator and a community leader has been incredibly valued - much of which has been behind the scenes and invisible to most users. spectroscopy has now transitioned into an Honorary Moderator role, and we're looking forward to future contributions. 👍

Please join me in congratulating our latest inductee into the ATAR Notes Hall of Fame, spectroscopy.


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Two fantastic users will - very deservedly - join the ATAR Notes Hall of Fame early this year. Who will they be? 👀

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Boy oh boy, where to start with insanipi? I guess the fact that she is now the 28th member of the ATAR Notes Hall of Fame, and, very deservedly, one of the first (perhaps even the first) to be inducted as a presently active moderator. That in itself, I think, is telling.

insanipi joined ATAR Notes in late 2015 - if my maths is correct, just before the start of Year 12. Her first post - and this is telling, too - was thanking fellow-Hall of Famer Brenden and the team for organising free ATAR Notes lectures (with trademark positivity, I might point out). Since that time, insanipi has become a really integral part of ATAR Notes. Now, some four years later and with some 4,000 posts to her name (many more if you include other sections of the forums - more on this later), insanipi is well and truly part of the furniture around these parts.

I think there are a few things in particular I'd like to touch on regarding insanipi's genuinely huge impact on ATAR Notes, which I'll sort of crudely group into sections.

Academically, insanipi has been really consistent, headlined by almost 200 posts in the VCE Chemistry board. She is happy to lend a hand whenever she can. Aside from assisting in general question threads and by responding to others' posts, she has also created a number of awesome threads of her own. Here are just some:

* Difficult Questions from past VCAA papers!
* Difficult Questions from past VCAA papers- Spesh
* Physics difficult questions list!
* Chem News!
* Physics News and Research
* Organic Compound naming practice
* 24 days of Chemistry facts and stuff!
* Recent Bio News!
* Recent Psychology News!

The community side of the forums is perhaps where insanipi first really came to prominence. She has very competently managed the General Discussion boards for a long time - often with little assistance. Most notably, she helped transform the Forum Games and Casual Chat section from a dying area to a powerhouse of the forums - a section where many members have made their first posts and formed their first connections. If you include posts made in these sections, insanipi has actually posted almost 9,500 times - amazing!

Further, you can see some of insanipi's contributions to newer sections of the forums in threads such as this (PharmSci journey) and this (positivity goals).

And despite all of the above, very many of insanipi's contributions have been invisible to most users. Behind-the-scenes mod work can be time-consuming, but insanipi is often one of the first to put up her hand and jump in. Always welcoming and kind, insanipi has no doubt seen thousands of new members across her time on ATAR Notes, and has equally no doubt been an integral factor in many of those members' experiences.

Speaking very plainly, I want to be more like insanipi. Very clearly demonstrated in this community over close to half a decade (and hopefully much longer still), insanipi has many good qualities that probably everybody could learn from. Practically impossible to dislike, insanipi's consistent kindness, empathy, respect, and eagerness to contribute (see here, for instance) in all situations is clear. insanipi makes me, personally, want to be more positive and non-judgmental, which I think speaks volumes in regard to her character. Even writing this post has made me reflect!

insanipi has supported ATAR Notes from the very beginning, through the forums, through community meet-ups, and through practically every other ATAR Notes endeavour. And I'm really happy that insanipi now takes her rightful place amongst some of the greatest contributors to ATAR Notes of all time.

Here are the thoughts of three of the more senior community members:

Bri MT:
Quote from: Bri MT
Insanipi has been a community builder and a supportive friend to all. Her optimism, kind spirit, and positivity has been - and is - infectious (in the best way, not in the disease way). One way of attempting to quantify this positivity is that, as of writing, Insanipi is the top post voter of all time with almost double the votes of the next person on the list. Right down to the molecules she studies, Insanipi is someone who aims to be kind and this has been reflected in the ripples of positivity she sends throughout the forums. Thank you, Insanipi, for your many many contributions towards helping AN be the positive community it is. However your pharmaceutical science honours progresses - which I'm sure will be fantastically - it's an honour having you here.

Quote from: K888
Insanipi is the heart of ATAR Notes. She embodies the key values of AN and is one of the most welcoming and kind people I've had the pleasure to meet. Her contributions to AN over the years are enormous - I think most users here could tell you about how insanipi has helped them on more than one occasion, whether that be with school, uni or general life advice! I really don't have enough words to describe how thankful the whole AN community is for insanipi's contributions. Stay awesome, insanipi - you're an amazing person <3

And, of course, the one and only RuiAce:
Quote from: RuiAce
Lou’s always spreading a joyful and welcoming environment on the forums. She actively asks about the joy’s in people’s lives and is also quick to come help when someone is struggling. She practically single-handedly managed the water-cooler section of the forums for roughly 2 full years, before more help came along. (In fact, chatting with her probably got me more involved outside of the boards I stayed sheltered in too.)

She’s one of the oldest mods we have on the team right now. Her commitment is unreal! I imagine it’s felt by a lot of people, as I’ve seen Lou post in sections ranging all the way down from Year 10, across the Year 12 sciences, and through to the university level. And of course, doing her moderating part in keeping the forum “nice”, clean and tidy.

And of course, she is my shining star. She is my reason to smile every day.

Some pretty powerful words there. insanipi - thank you, and congratulations on your well-deserved position in the Hall of Fame!

Please join me in congratulating our latest inductee into the ATAR Notes Hall of Fame, insanipi.


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Congrats Insanipi!
Certainly a very well deserved inductee into the Hall of Fame!
Ever since I joined, you have been an amazing leader of the forums bringing your great kindness and positivity to the forums, but most importantly, I must thank you for what is truley your greatest creation: the count to 20 thread  ;)
Thank you Insanipi  ;D
 > Have counted to 227
 > Can draw really good spiders
 > 2 Poet points
 > 6.5 insanipi points
 > 1 Bri MT point


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Congratulations insanipi! ;D

Thankyou for your positive impact on the forums for all of these years  ;D
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Shed phantom tears reading this (RuiAce's message got me); huge congratulations, Lou and thank you for everything you've done on the forums!

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CONGRATS Insanipi!!!!!

I always LOVE reading all your posts and comments that you leave on AN! You're such a kind and motivating person, and I'm so grateful for all that you contribute to the forums!!



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Inductee #29 will be dropping shortly. 👀 Really excited about this one - so well deserved.

Keep your eyes out.

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When you think "ATAR Notes", a few things might come to mind. Community, education, welcoming. To me, I also think of prominent users who have both established and who exemplify those same characteristics and traits. Sine fits those characteristics and values perfectly, and we're so excited to announce that - very deservedly - Sine is now the 29th inductee of the ATAR Notes Hall of Fame. 🎉

Having joined ATAR Notes in January 2015, and having been a regular contributor since the following month, Sine has seen a lot of change on ATAR Notes. Literally half a decade worth of change, in fact. And through that time, Sine has contributed to the community perfectly - first as a high school student, and then as a university student.

If we cast our minds back all the way to early 2015, Sine's first posts mostly looking for assistance in the VCE Science and Maths boards. Some five years later, Sine now has more than 100 posts in each of the following academic boards, the vast majority of posts being extremely helpful and detailed for current students:

→ VCE Maths Methods
→ VCE Biology
→ Victorian Education Discussion
→ VCE Chemistry
→ VCE Specialist Maths

This is really significant. Sine would have helped literally hundreds and hundreds - if not thousands - of students, all altruistically and often with limited recognition. Sine has been and continues to be a huge driving force across our whole community, but particularly in our Maths and Science boards, which have seen very many users come and go over Sine's time on the forums.

Further to that, Sine's impact on other sections of the forums - namely Victorian Technical Score Discussion and the University boards - is almost unparalleled. With 360 posts in the Victorian Technical Score Discussion section alone, I'd be willing to contend that very few others if any have responded to more threads and questions in that section than Sine. And being able to do this well and effectively like Sine does requires a balance of empathy and expertise.

In the uni sections, Sine has been huge. From enrolment questions, to subject reviews, to general discussion, to day-to-day help, to timetabling advice, Sine has been a constant not also in the general uni boards, but also in sections dedicated to specific universities. These are sections that, typically, see quite a high level of drop-off as users move away from the community, but Sine has done a mammoth job in keeping the momentum going.

Let's check out some of Sine's most prominent threads from across the years:

101 Days Before VCE Maths Exams (Methods/Specialist) [Guide]. A very popular (read almost 4,000 times) and detailed guide on exam preparation for maths exams, including tips on practice exams, calculators, time constraints, reading time, bound references, and more.

"Sine". An early contributor to the University Journey Journal section, helping it get off the ground with a detailing of experiences across Biomedicine.

A series of really excellent threads in the Interstate Discussion and Comparison Board. Sine, amongst a number of others, has put in a lot of work recently (both visible and behind-the-scenes) to improve and make more engaging the Interstate Discussion section, including the successful Science Games.

Speaking of behind-the-scenes work, Sine is also one of our longest-serving moderators - at any level. In this role, Sine has been consistent, diligent, and hard-working, with little fanfare - very reliable, Sine just gets the job done, and it is very much appreciated. Having clocked the sixth most hours on ATAR Notes of all time, it is very clear that Sine is passionate about this community, and has invested a lot of time into making it what it is today.

Here's what some of our members have to say:

Quote from: RuiAce
Sine’s also one of our oldest mods on the current team. But he sure does his job more keenly than I ever could’ve. There were only so many mathematics/science moderators when I jumped on, which was like a day or three after him. And he’s still there.

Seriously, if you’re a VCE maths/bio/chem student and haven’t been helped by him, somehow you’ve been missing out!
And even with my fuzzy memory, I still recall his leadership presence felt behind the scenes. He’s still taking on new initiatives to this day.

Quote from: Bri MT
Sine has tirelessly worked to provide clear, detailed, and seemingly never-ending support, information and guidance to stressed students. He has taken on the often thankless work of helping students where they are most desperate: maths and score predications. This is not to say that these are the only areas where Sine is active but they certainly are ones where Sine's impact is completely inarguably highly significant. As of writing, Sine's time on the forums is a mammoth 225 days, or 5409 hours to be more precise, which goes to show how dedicated he is to helping forum community members. It doesn't surprise me that Sine chose a demanding course focused on helping people because what I have seen of Sine is that he is a highly capable learner who focuses on using that knowledge to help others. Best of luck for your journeys after biomed Sine, though I'm sure you don't need it, and thank you very much for having shared guidance, support, knowledge and expertise with us.

Quote from: insanipi
Alongside me, Sine has been one of the current statemods that have been around for a looooong time, and it shows! He gives us his dedication and is super helpful around the forum (I'm sure we all can find many great examples!), and also is keen to give a hand where needed- a recent example being the science games! Sine has been a good friend, and I'm stoked to be saying to be saying this here- super well deserved!

On a personal level, Sine, I want to thank you for all of your contributions and time invested to ATAR Notes so far. You couldn't be more part of the furniture, and ATAR Notes would not be the same without your presence across the community. I find you to be a very balanced and logical poster with a mixture of empathy for users' situations and expert knowledge that has come with years of exposure to VCE, university, and other equivalent systems.

Sine is one of the most consistent, prolific, and well-respected posters we have ever had. Please join me in congratulating Sine on becoming the newest and 29th inductee of the ATAR Notes Hall of Fame!


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