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April 21, 2021, 05:04:30 pm

Author Topic: Mod C Creative Help  (Read 414 times)

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Mod C Creative Help
« on: February 06, 2021, 06:44:37 pm »
Hey guys, for my mod C assignment, I have to write a creative and do a multimodal presentation. The stimulus for the creative is "they know they want to get somewhere but they don't know if the somewhere even exists yet." I have an idea for it (still in very early stages of thinking about it though) and I would very much appreciate some feedback or advice!

The main character is a 27 year old female who is a surfer and lives on the West Australian coast (setting is ocean and beach vibes). She had experienced a traumatic shark attack and is struggling trying to recover from the incident. I interpreted the stimulus reference of "somewhere" to be a figurative somewhere. She knows she wants to get somewhere in terms of moving on from the incident and getting back in the water where she feels most at home. However, she's not sure if she's ready, not sure if this state of fearlessness even exists yet, or if it's even possible to push aside the past memories that continue to haunt her. The story will basically unravel her internal conflict in the present while jumping back to memories of the attack and memories of why she loves surfing.

Again as I said, it's still very early stages of the idea and I'm not sure whether it's a strong enough inclusion of the stimulus. Any tips, feedback, constructive criticism would be very helpful. Also if anyone has other ideas that fit the stimulus, that would be useful as well!

Thanks! 😁