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May 20, 2022, 07:11:27 am

Author Topic: 40+ in psych?  (Read 1536 times)  Share 

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40+ in psych?
« on: October 03, 2021, 09:37:52 pm »
hey everyone, i'm currently in yr 11 and taking 3/4 psych. i'm really hoping for a 40+ ss, but i'm worried my unit 3 results might drag me down.

my unit 3 score was an 82/100 (was pretty disappointing as i made some silly errors which cost me quite a few marks)
i haven't yet got my overall unit 4 mark, but on my individual sacs i've scored a 27/30, 28/30, and (hopefully) around a 26+/30

in terms of the final exam, what grade would i need for a 40+ study score? considering psych is relatively competitive i would suggest quite high? will my unit 3 scores bring my final ss down a lot?
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Re: 40+ in psych?
« Reply #1 on: October 04, 2021, 10:27:16 am »

For reference, I did 3/4 psych as a year 11 last year and I managed to score a study score of 50. In my experience, your unit 3 average is not particularly low or cause for concern. With what looks like a very high unit 4 average, just remember your SACs constitute only 40% of your study score, and unit 3% will only be 20% (it was weighted higher last year, but I'm pretty sure it's gone back to 50/50). So it definitely will not jeopardize your chances at a 40! As long as you are reflecting on your mistakes in those SACs and ensure you're confident on them before you do your exam, it can even be seen positive.

I got 91% on the psych exam (A+) and I got a 50. My unit 3 and 4 averages were scaled, to be fair, to 100% and 97% respectively, and I was rank two, but they were not this high in my SACs. So, your exam performance, depending on how you are ranked, may bring your SAC average up. The 2020 exam was more difficult clearly as my "lower mark" constituted one of the highest marks in the state, but psych is not like maths or bio in that your answers are more subjectively marked and thus there are lower marks on the exam.

Good luck! Don't be disheartened by your unit 3 average and think of preparing for the exam and I'm sure you'll smash it. 
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