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June 26, 2022, 12:44:30 pm

Author Topic: Deciding on whether to do Software Development 3/4 vs Accounting  (Read 2784 times)  Share 

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Deciding on whether to do Software Development 3/4 vs Accounting
« on: November 11, 2020, 12:58:39 am »
I'm currently in year 11 and next year I've chosen next year to do Computing 3/4 (software development) without having done 1/2 Computing. I would have done 1/2 this year but the class was full and there were clashes with other classes.
I was told by the Computing teacher that I should be fine with doing Computing 3/4 despite not having done 1/2 since I took Computing as a subject in year 9 and 10.

There is a chance I have to choose between Computing 3/4 and Accounting 3/4 for next year since I may not be able to do these classes at the same time due to clashes. (If this doesn't happen I'll swap Media for Accounting instead)
I had to choose my subjects for next year at the start of this year, and I didn't originally choose to do Accounting 3/4 next year because I had a mediocre start to the year with Accounting but mid-year I started to get above average results, so then my Accounting teacher encouraged me to continue onto 3/4 next year. I would likely be able to get 40+ study score in Accounting and the score will likely get marked up as well based on results from years past.

With Computing 3/4 I also believe I could achieve at least 40 based on my results in year 10 Computing which were above average. Again I was told that I should be fine doing Computing 3/4 however I feel like I'd lack some programming skills at the start of next year since I missed out on 1/2. I've heard that the theory is fairly easy compared to the practical and programming parts.

In terms of passion I feel like that I'd find Computing and Accounting equally as enjoyable. I plan for my career to be in the IT/media and business industries so it is a tough choice. I'm interested in the Business and Media Communication course as well as the IT courses at Monash.
If I need to choose between these subjects next year then what advice would you give?


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Re: Deciding on whether to do Software Development 3/4 vs Accounting
« Reply #1 on: November 11, 2020, 01:12:25 am »
Hello! Firstly sorry if my formatting is weird Iím typing on my phone.
I donít do accounting so I canít give you any advice there but I do 3/4 softdev.
In terms of lacking programming skills, I donít think thatís an issue with 3/4. Programming IS a big part of the course (the first AOS is programming and thereís a huge SAT that involves programming) however you learn everything as you go.
With programming, your school will choose a language to learn. That might differ from the 1/2 class. For example I did 1/2 and I learnt python, but in 3/4 we got assessed on PHP. Some of the basics were similar (eg theory- pseudo code) but the code itself was different and useful for different things so I wouldnít say lacking programming knowledge is a setback.

I will be honest though, as someone who wants to go into computer science next year.. the theory can get hella dry. Not sure if itís just me but it really does get so boring at times.

The biggest issue I find with softdev is that thereís a SAT that takes up 6 months, essentially a project version of a SAC. Because you spend so much effort and time on it, itís easy to lose track of the theory needed for the exam. If you do softdev Iíd recommend keeping up with theory whilst doing the SAT- this makes ur SAT better AND studying for the exam easier. Otherwise youíll end up like me, relearning the course a few weeks before the exam :(

Youíre right though, the theory is not difficult, itís quite easy. Just gets a bit boring and tedious at times imo.

I personally think accounting would require more effort, but the theory may be more enjoyable? Not too sure.

I hope this helped a little ahaha Iím very sleep deprived so sorry if itís a mess. Iím willing to answer any questions about the course as well ^^