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June 26, 2022, 12:03:11 pm

Author Topic: Is usability testing part of evaluation? Or is it part of development?  (Read 2803 times)  Share 

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Honestly I am very confused. So here are my questions:

Is user acceptance testing and acceptance testing the same things?
Are they the same as usability testing?

Are these part of development or evaluation?

Are functional tests part of Development or Evaluation? Textbooks ays they are tests to verify if the SRS has been met - it focusses only on input and output, rather than what comes in between.

There's no info about this on the VSV course I'm doing and I can't ask my VSV teachers because they take days to respond and usually give me a very brief and undetailed response with little follow up. Honestly they people on the forum are better than they are. God, I hate distance ed.

Anyway, thanks for any help.


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Re: Is usability testing part of evaluation? Or is it part of development?
« Reply #1 on: October 28, 2020, 09:55:49 pm »
So user acceptance testing involves specifically how end users interact with the solution to check that its acceptable (according to the SRS specifications). In contrast, usability testing is more general, and involves seeing if the solution is easy to use, not necessarily with the end user. Both of these would occur in evaluation (as a means of testing your eval criteria or whatnot), as the solution must be complete to get these results.
Functional tests are a part of Development. This is because it specifcally refers to testing the solutions inputs and outputs (like you would in a testing table). One component of development is that you must test that a solution works, and because usability testing and user acceptance testing don't relate to how the solution works as much, you can differentiate between them and functional tests, as functional tests specifically relate to how the solution works, so they would be in development
Hope that helps!!!!!!!!!