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April 23, 2021, 03:21:51 pm

Author Topic: Situational Judgement Test for Postgrad Med - Questions  (Read 2850 times)  Share 

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Situational Judgement Test for Postgrad Med - Questions
« on: June 03, 2017, 11:17:30 pm »
Hey everyone!

I'm planning on doing Biomedical Science at Monash Uni next year and then doing the Situational Judgement Test (which has replaced the GAMSAT for Monash Uni) once I've finished Biomed in order to get into Postgraduate Medicine. I know that the addition of the SJT into the pathway to Med is pretty new but I would love if someone could answer a few questions I have about it!

My first question is, what sort of test is it? Is it similar to the UK Situational Judgement Test (http://sjt.foundationprogramme.nhs.uk)? How long is, it, how many questions does it have, and what type of questions?

My second question is, what would be a good score to get? And also how is the test scored (percentile ranking, or something different)? What sort of mark will I receive (eg. a percentage, a score out of a certain number, and if so what number, etc.)

Thanks so much! I'll post again here if more questions arise. :)
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