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April 23, 2021, 09:16:38 pm

Author Topic: did any previous students do well without revising in term 2 holiday?  (Read 966 times)  Share 

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i dont know where to put this so i'll put it here.

was wondering, did any previous students who completed year 12 do well without having to revise back at your sem 1 notes in the term 2 holidays?? i have too many things to do, and feel like i dont have time to look back at my previous notes.

also, for all previous year 12 students, what is year 12 in term 3 like?



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So firstly.... amount of revision over holidays to do well etc. is different for everybody so asking people if they did well without studying may not apply to you. Given you are asking this question - this would suggest that perhaps you (or the person you're referring to in this post) knows they needed to do more but didn't. In addition, we don't know what your goals are... are you somebody who wants a 99.95 ATAR or somebody who is fine with just getting a 50-60... the answer will vary depending on the choice.

Term 3 is the hardest term, purely because Year 12 ends in the first few weeks of Term 4. Teachers essentially have to get all the coursework including SACs out of the way by the end of it, to allow you to revise adequately for the end of year exams. It's probably the hardest term of them all (from a coursework/SAC perspective).
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I can almost guarantee that previous students have "done well" (as per Aaron's post, subjective) without revising in these holidays. But even if they hadn't, doesn't mean it's impossible.

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