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July 30, 2021, 03:50:44 am

Author Topic: What did u learn later in life that you wouldnt have understood in high school  (Read 2582 times)  Share 

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In high school, I was determined that I was right.  Mainly about religion - but that can reach into every corner of "who should be allowed to do what and when".  For instance, I didn't support gay marriage.  To me now it's like - what the fuck do I have to do with "allowing" gay marriage?  Who am I to have a say?!  With low infant (and overall) mortality rates, rigid procreation-focused social structure is kind of irrelevant, and to make it a morality thing just seems weird.

I needed to leave the echo-chamber of a Christian high school, and actually interact with a variety of people with different stories, to recognise that other people's viewpoints were possibly also valid.  It doesn't mean that I have to agree with them all, but I can recognise that other people aren't innately dumb, deluded and deplorable for believing something else.

I'm not against or looking down on those who are religious, or claiming that those who are religious are all closed-minded.   But I'm deeply relieved and happy that I personally am not religious.  And I definitely needed to interact with a wider variety of people from different spheres to find that.
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For religions, I guess many of us fail to hit the essence or substance of it. Many of us see it as dogmatic or spiritual phenomenon.

If we look past the rituals and doctrines. Historically, human beings have always addressed social issues post-tragedy. Religion can be seen as an instigator for change. To prospectively allow for a somewhat more equitable world. For any atheists out there, consider religion as a sort of academic discipline. A discipline in which we study to analyse variations in human nature. How much our thought processes can vary etc.

From a certain perennialist's POV, it's about taking the best out of each religion, and applying their teachings to our own life. Allowing our intuition to distinguish right from wrong.
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