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Title: repeating a hsc subject? or just start uni?
Post by: rirerire on October 27, 2020, 02:37:39 pm
think I might repeat advanced maths at tafe next year, anyone done anything like this? I wanted to do med but I don't know if my atar will be good enough. looking at the maths paper answers I don't even want to estimate my mark, looks quite grim. however, I'm ranked first in all my other subjects. I feel like this is the only thing holding me back from a decent atar.

considering that I don't know how I'll fare at my first year of uni vs already knowing my capabilities at hsc;
would I be better off starting a degree (my back up degree has an atar requirement of 75), after which my GPA can be counted and I can apply to med again next year, or to apply with a better atar?