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Title: ❓Question on Internal Assessment Mark Alignment
Post by: Coolmate on October 18, 2020, 01:26:36 pm
Hi Everyone! ;D

I have a quick question regarding alignment for internal assessment marks.
Does NESA keep the relative places between ranks, when inputting the internal assessment mark (50% of total ATAR)?

For Example:
Suppose the internal rankings for Person A and Person B is the following:
Person A is coming 3rd but Person B is coming 2nd ahead of Person A only by 1 Mark according to school assessment marks;

When calculating and adjusting internal assessment marks, does NESA align the marks so they keep their relative distances? EG:

Person A's internal mark will 84 and Person B's internal mark will be 85

OR is it more obscure:

Person A's internal mark could be 84 but Person B's internal mark could be 96

I hope this makes sense and thanks in advance! ;D
Coolmate 8)