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August 02, 2021, 01:09:03 pm

Author Topic: VCE English [raw 50, 60/60 exam score] + Literature [raw 48] Tutoring 2021  (Read 823 times)  Share 

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Hi! I graduated in 2020 with a raw 50 study score + a perfect 60/60 exam score in English and a raw 48 study score in Literature. This year I will be studying a Bachelor of Medical Science and Doctor of Medicine at Monash University. Throughout Year 12 I developed a unique technique and strategy to approaching the exam that I believe is the only reason I scored the way I did. This knowledge combined with my true passion for teaching and English has motivated me to offer tutoring in 2021! I will offer notes, resources, exam topics, my high-scoring practice essays, detailed essay feedback, exam approaches and my mastery of the subjects to help you achieve your best!

My rate is $50/hr, though group tuition prices can be negotiated! I will be available at the Monash Clayton campus libraries, at my home (south-eastern suburbs), or online for tutoring, though I would prefer the two latter options! One-hour sessions once a week are preferred, but this can be negotiated to multiple hours a week, or only one session a fortnight, etc.

Here are the texts that I studied! I will familiarise myself with your texts if they are different to mine, but of course, you will gain so much more from me if you studied one of my texts - my textual knowledge is very strong!


Section A - Anaytical Text Response - All The Light We Cannot See
Section B - Comparative - Ransom & The Queen

I also familiar with Like A House On Fire, Pride and Prejudice, Extinction and The Dressmaker!


Section A - Literary Perspectives - Ariel
Section B - Passage Analysis - The Passion

I am also familiar with Foreign Soil, Twelfth Night and Northanger Abbey!

Thanks for reading! I am also offering English and Literature resources and essays - check my post for more details! If you are interested, please send me a PM - I am so genuinely excited to meet you and help you achieve the scores you're aiming for! :)
2020 VCE
English [raw 50 + 60/60 exam score]
Literature [48]

Offering 2021 English and Literature tutoring + resources!