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VCE Further Maths: Exam Preparation and Exam Tips

By Brady Price in VCE
10th of September 2018
vce further maths

Hey everyone!
In this video, we’ll be looking at a few exam tips. Obviously, the exam’s coming up pretty soon, so you want to be starting to get on top of revision right now.

The first thing I’ll be saying is if you haven’t made a summary book, do that straight away. Your summary book is, as I say, your best friend, and you need to make sure you bring one into the exam. Don’t bring your textbook in – this is probably one of the worst things that you can do. There’s way too much information there, and you’re only going to be overwhelmed by it, and wasting time filtering through all of this information.

vce further maths exam tips

As well as that, you want to obviously be knowing your summary book. You want to know it back to front, where everything is, and make sure that you, once again, aren’t wasting time just flicking through trying to find what you need. It’s easily accessible, and you can get to it.

Make sure you’re getting in some really high-quality practice, whether that be some textbook questions or, absolutely, some practice exams. I recommend to do at the very least three years’ worth of exams – so that’s six exams. I know that sounds daunting, but it’s definitely doable, and I think ideally, you want to be doing five years’ worth, or more than that.

On top of this, be reading the examiner’s reports for all of those exams, and make sure that you’re taking the templates from the worded questions in those exams, and putting them straight into your summary book. It can only help.

vce further maths exam tips

Of course, you want to be getting practice in with your calculator while you’re doing this, so make sure you’re doing your practice exams under full exam conditions, and with your summary book and your calculator. And if there’s anything you’re still confused about with that calculator, get on top of it right now.

And finally, make sure you’re looking after yourself. You want to be eating well, sleeping heaps, and getting exercise in if you can. Make sure that you’re at your peak in order to really nail those exams.

Thanks for watching, and we’ll see you again for a last-minute exam tips video.