The best route to a university degree

By ATAR Notes in HSC
29th of November 2017


If you don’t head straight into uni after high school, will you get left behind? It’s a question so many school-leavers are asking themselves, but we’re here to tell you that there’s no one correct route to a degree. You might choose to jump straight in, graduate and quickly join the workforce – but if you’d prefer to take the scenic route, there are plenty of benefits to enjoy. The best one of all? Getting to know yourself.


Taking the scenic route to uni

While Issy’s classmates had their eyes set on university, Issy had other plans. She wanted to travel, and without fear, she flew off, knowing uni would always be there. She wasn’t ready for it anyway – she didn’t know what she wanted to study, or how her ATAR would affect her eligibility. It just wasn’t the right time.


Explore your options, even after enrolment

Issy found that with time, her motivation to study returned naturally, and she started looking at degrees. She enrolled in a Bachelor of Arts (Visual Culture) from Curtin University through Open Universities Australia (OUA) at first, then after completing some interesting elective subjects in Psychology, decided to switch over to a Bachelor of Psychological Sciences from Swinburne University, also through OUA. Finding your passion can take time, and because of the flexibility that OUA provides, Issy has been able to explore her options, to make sure she isn’t missing out on anything.


Ditch that high-school classroom feel

There were aspects of the university experience that Issy found a little daunting, so the idea of an online classroom appealed to her. She was able to plan her study around work shifts and spend more time with friends. After moving to Melbourne, it made sense for Issy to continue her degree on campus at Swinburne, which was close-by, but she feels that having returned to study online made it easier to transition back into the literal classroom. Whether she’s studying from home or on-campus, Issy knows that through OUA, she’s getting a real accredited degree, that she can take with her all over the world.


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