ATAR Notes VCE Tutorial Centre – What’s the Deal?

By Brenden Horn in News & Events
18th of November 2016
ATAR Notes VCE Tutorial Centre

It cannot be said enough – the ATAR Notes VCE Tutorial Centre is the best place to get VCE tutoring.

A state-of-the-art facility with the most incredible view of the City, the VCE Tutorial Centre will be open to its students after school and on weekends. With NBN internet, amazing ergonomic chairs and a beautiful student-accessible kitchen, there’s no better place to study. Not even the State Library of Victoria can beat this facility! After all, the Tutorial Centre is located right next door to the State Library and is certainly a much easier place to find a seat. And you can always check out what the State Library looks like from above! Here’s the view from the window:


The Centre being open for students is fantastic because the Centre will be staffed at all times by roaming tutors. That means a student can always put up their hand and get assistance for a subject the night before a SAC – or earlier. It means a student is never without guidance, and never without structure. Incredible!

Of course, actual classes will run. Students will benefit from 90 minute tutorial classes every single week, and if they can’t make a tutorial? No need to cancel. All of them are recorded and uploaded to a special online system so you can watch them back again at any time.

That online system will also host class notes, practise SACs with solutions, practise questions, and other advice, guides, and resources. Towards the end of the year we’ll upload originally written practise exams and administer them to students.

All in all, this is an unbeatable product entering the VCE tutoring market.

And guess what? All of this is at a cheaper hourly rate than regular VCE tutoring. Unbelievable – but true.

For more information on the VCE Tutorial Centre, click here!

We are offering tours of the Centre and private appointments with students interested in receiving tutoring from ATAR Notes. If you’re looking for tutoring next year, then please book an appointment before the program fills up!