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5 reasons to lock in a back-up plan after the HSC.

By UTS College in HSC
29th of November 2021
HSC back-up plan

Even if you don’t get the ATAR you wanted, you still have options.

Congratulations on completing your HSC. Seriously, well done. Getting through the crazy times of last two years would be a big deal – even without having to tackle a major exam. You should feel proud, and here’s hoping you get straight into the course you want. But while you’re waiting for your ATAR, why not figure out a Plan B, just in case? It certainly can’t hurt, and it beats biting your nails. Seriously, there are a lot of good reasons to get cracking on a back-up plan right now. Here are just five:


1. 20 January 2022 is closer than you think.

Getting your results might seem a long way off, but the day will come around soon enough. Don’t let it ambush you. Instead of burning energy worrying over whether you’ll get the ATAR you want, why not use the time to prepare, just in case you need a Plan B? There are so many options to explore.


2. There are great non-ATAR pathways to university.

Yes, really. The ATAR won’t make or break you. For example, if your heart is set on a degree at UTS, a diploma from UTS College can get you there, and help you build all the skills you’ll need to thrive at uni. UTS College is the trusted pathway to UTS.


3. You could gain guaranteed entry to UTS.

With the right grade point average, most UTS College diplomas can fast-track you into second year of your UTS degree.* Choose from diplomas in Business, Communication, Design and Architecture, Engineering, Information Technology, and Science – all designed in collaboration with UTS and the same first-year outcomes.


4. The Know Your Options Webinar is here for you.

Secure your spot now for the Know Your Options webinar on 7 December and discover all you need to know to create a solid backup plan. Find out how UTS College can prepare you for success at UTS, how to apply, what’s involved in FEE HELP and more.


5. There’s no time like now.

Imagine how much better you’ll feel when you can cruise into 2022 knowing you’re ready for whatever comes next. After the last couple of years, we’ve all had enough uncertainty for a while.

Nothing can hold you back when you know your options.


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