VCE Psychology Units 3&4 Notes

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VCE Psychology Units 3&4 Notes


ISBN: 978-1-925534-33-7

Product Description

New and updated for the 2017 study design.

There’s two things you need to be able to do in VCE Psychology: know the content, and apply that knowledge. As far as knowing the content goes, this subject has so many definitions you need to memorise. Our VCE Psychology notes are designed to make it easier on you to remember all the pesky key-words, with memory tips and tricks sprinkled throughout the notes. The notes will also tell you how to use those key words within a question, making sure you get all the marks you can in your SACs and exam. It doesn’t scale up my much, but everyone knows it’s a hard subject, especially because there are so many people who love Psych and are good at it! Fortunately, these notes will be your best friends – making Psych less time consuming, less difficult, and more helpful to your ATAR.